New cosmetic products

Here are some new cosmetic products that we bought in HK. Cosmetics
1, 2.Β Madara shampoo and conditioner. My sister and I ran out of the previous shampoo (my sister and I used one bottle for two month, not bad), and now we are using Madara shampoo for normal hair. Madara is also organic. We are happy with shampoo, its texture is great. We haven’t tried the conditioner yet, but I think it is good, too.
3. Madara moisturising lotion. I wanted something like a milk, but didn’t find anything yet.
4. Coola lip balm spf30. Also organic.
5. My all-time favorite Chanel anti-pollution spf50. I am in love with it. My eyes don’t tear when I apply it like they tear when I use any other product. It is not new to me, but its design is new.
6. Madara eye cream. Finally, I am quite happy with my eye cream.




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