Surprise-surprise… no one was happy, but us three, though

The day before yesterday my mom, my sister and I decided to go home, so yesterday we headed to HK to take a flight to Alm. The HK international airport is huge. It’s easy to get lost there if you departure for the first time. We took only two small suitcases and two birthday cakes with us.
In the airport we did some unusual shopping. We didn’t buy any fragrances or alcohol and chocolates. The things we bought are towels and tablet case. Towels, cake and the bag Tablet case The flight from HK took 7 hours, starting from 10pm. Three hours later after we arrived to Alm, we had a flight to Ast, where we arrived at 8am. We are soooo tired and don’t feel good. Trips always exhaust us. But it is nice to be back home. Early morning P.S. Haven’t seen Ast’s winter since 2009




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