Senior thesis, HK and a gift

Now we can relax more, so I’m finally enjoying watching movies or TV shows any time I want to. Watching a TV show Watching a movie Last Friday was our senior thesis defense.
Here’s what we wore: blouses D&G, jeans H&M and Levi’s, loafers Mark by Mark Jacobs. BlousesJeans and loafers On Sunday my mom and I went to HK because we ran out of some cosmetics. We brought pastries for my sister from Little Marmaid, Eric Kayser and Laduree.Bakery Macaroons Here are two products that we use, but I haven’t shown yet. Our all time favorites Chanel Le Blanc foam cleanser and The Body Shop Nutriganics foaming facial wash. We use them for a couple of years, and haven’t found anything better. Foam cleansers Birthday gift My old computer is falling apart, but I love it so much, so I continue to use it. Also, I got Macbook Air as my birthday gift. Love it. Thank you for the gift =)



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