Trip to hometown

So, almost two weeks ago my mom, my sister and I went back home.  We had a flight HK-Alm-Ast, but since the first flight is at 9 a.m. we had to go to HK the day before it and spend a night there. I decided not go to have a breakfast at a hotel,  so here’s what I had in the room – a strawberry yogurt with muesli (which I can’t really imagine how to eat). My mom and my sister said I didn’t miss anything interesting in the hotel buffet, though. Breakfast Breakfast In Ast my mom, my dad, my sister and I enjoyed lunches and dinners together. My dad prepared a welcome dinner for us, which is really nice of him. He cooks really well. Also, my mom unstoppably made us some great meals during our stay in the city. In my plate are a marinated in milk, soy sauce and garlic chicken breast made by my mom, cabbage fritters by mom and me, sour cream with fresh dill, and vegetables by my dad. Lunch For me Ast is a food haven. We can literally eat a whole day. Everything is so tempting… My dad was buying us everything we want. Well, I wanted strawberries while it is still a good time for them. The thing is that every time I go home in July-August, I only find small ones. They are good, but also easily become a puree. So this time I got lucky. In addition, it’s hard to find strawberries that are red both outside and inside. In Ast you can actually find them. Really red and sweet. But, unfortunately, in other countries I’ve been to before I have never found something like that. Even on a picture of the yogurt in HK you can see that it is partly white. Strawberries I want to go back to this fruit and cherry paradise: apricots, plums and cherries. Apricots Plums Cherries and juices without preservatives. Juice I didn’t go out much this time. I just didn’t want to. Therefore, there are only pictures of the city on our way to airport. They are taken through a tinted window of my father’s car, so the colors might not be 100% real, but still close to the reality. City Nature And here is rainy and the next moment not so rainy HK as we arrived there. City Nature While we were shopping there, our 3 suitcases have been waiting us in an airport’s baggage room. We took the one that is cabin size with us and filled it with the things we bought. Luggage Among them are Tom’s. My mom and I have finally convinced my sister to buy a pair. They are so comfortable, so feet just rest in them. My mom and I bought our first Bob’s a year ago, and I take them off only if it’s raining. And now each of us also have a pair of Tom’s =) These are my mom’s dark blue, mine from winter collection, and my sister’s (I bought the same pair). Shoes My sister’s Jimmy Choo Shoes We also bought pastries, some cosmetics, a new cellphone for my mom etc. I don’t remember everything, I was so tired. I regret I didn’t go to buy some dresses since it’s sales time. Maybe next time =)




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