Exciting news

On Thursday my sister and I had our last final exams. Our study at SZU is over (if we pass the exams) and on July 21 we are going to have a graduation ceremony. We’ve dreamed about graduation for 3 years, but now it seems like it’s just another step. It used to be our main goal, and now that it’s almost achieved, we have been, for months already, thinking of other goals to go to and paths we should choose.

Here is the pictures of the last night at university after the finals, at 9pm. My sister and I used to study from 8.30 to 20.00 in order to graduate earlier, but we haven’t been there that late for quite some time. University at night The place where we get taxi to go home.Night city Heading homeLobby Also, two days ago my sister and my mom went to HK. They brought berries, pastries, cheese and … Berries pastries Tomato mozzarellacontinued in the next post…




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