Lunch, exhibitions and shopping in HK

Just came back from HK where my mom, my sister and I spent the whole day. I’ve been looking for a dress for graduation ceremony, but it’s really hard to find something suitable. Few minutes ago my sister told me that she read university news that say we should wear white blouses and black pants. We guess it’s because most of the previous graduates did not exactly follow unofficial dress-code at all. Well now we have to find blouses and pants instead of dresses. Here’s the box with my sister’s new dresses ordered from Lane Crawford. Love online shopping =) Ordered from Lane Crawford There was a small exhibition of Vincent van Gogh’s replicas in a shopping mall.Exhibition of Vincent van Gogh’s replicas I cannot say that we are passionate about art, but each of us loved one of his works. I usually like paintings of streets in soft shades.
Boulevard de Clichy (1887). Exhibition of Vincent van Gogh’s replicas We took a small replica as well. It cost only 20HK$, and the money goes to charity.

Shopping itself was productive. We bought some cosmetic products we need, perfectly classic coats, berries and sour cream. Everything we like=)




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