New Chinese restaurant in SZ

My mom and sister saw an advertisement of this Chinese restaurant in a shopping mall near our home and we decided to go and see what do they have to offer.
It’s interior seems a little bit over the top at first, but the overall service and food are great. During the lunch time they offer a discount of 50% for some of the dishes. Restaurant interior Beautiful tablewareBeautiful tableware风味拌凉皮. Liangpi before and after it was mixed with sauceLiangpiLiangpi河州包子. Hezhou mantiHezhou manti 炸酱蘸茄柳. Fried (dipped in oil) eggplants (recommend these)Fried (dipped in oil) eggplants 精品羊肉串. Lamb kebabsLamb kebabs 野菌素鹅卷. Vegetable rolls in goose skinVegetable rolls 灌汤鸡肉小笼包. Chicken dumplingsChicken dumplings 顺德煎鱼饼. Fried fish frittersFried fish fritters Fried fish fritters 清炖台州豆腐. Stewed Taizhou tofuStewed Taizhou tofu 瑶柱虾米山药糕 and scallop and shrimp cake.Scallop and shrimp cake Love,



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