Going far away

Our itinerary for a long way to Auckland Itinerary Snack time on the flight to Alm. Chicken pie and my choice of beverage, the milk.
The airline changed some of its services’ appearances including  e-tickets and food on planes. Honestly, so far the best airlines I’ve been flying with. I guess I just expected more from some of the others… =) I haven’t flown with half of the airlines existing, so I cannot call myself an expert in any way. Snack Waiting for the next flight to HK. View from an airport restaurant on mountains and planes landing . View on mountains View on mountains After checking in at a hotel my mom and I enjoyed massage at the airport spa. My mom chose foot massage, and I preferred to do back and shoulders. It felt great. We really loved it. Highly recommend this place. It’s better to make an appointment much earlier. SPA SPA Then followed shopping at the airport, some rest at hotel and the next 10h. 50 min. flight to Auckland.




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