First two weeks of the course

It’s been two weeks since I started the course. On the morning of the first day I saw a rainbow on the way to institution. It was raining a little at first, then the sun came up and made the rainbow appear on the sky. I tried to get a photo of it, but missed the chance while trying to focus the camera on my phone. I saw another one a week later on the way to school, too. So now I guess that rainbows appear here quite often because clouds with rains move fast and give the sun a chance to shine from time to time. But, anyway, I feel like there is a good reason why I came here, and the rainbow is just another sign not to have doubts.

The first day started for me at 5:30 a.m. On the first day we’ve been given a plan for studies, book for out of class experience records, complimentary sunglasses, T-shirt, a bag, and a pen. Also on the first week we visited a transport museum. I am not a fan of museums, to be honest. However, I enjoyed lunch time outdoors with my classmates and an old train that carried me 5 times from one part of the museum to another.Lunch time outdoors Old train Train ticket On the weekend my mom and I went to a Turkish restaurant in the city centre. The staff was particularly nice and very helpful when we were choosing what to order for lunch. We enjoyed, as I rephrase the names, a pumpkin soup, beef steak and chicken kebabs. Pumpkin soup Beef steak Chicken kebabs Our usual lunch: fish (salmon on the photo) and a simple salad LunchSalad When I have time, I watch TV show series that I missed (and I missed a lot of them) with a plate of fruits. Plate of fruits Also, I finally ventured to buy a bread here. It is rye bread free of artificial colours and flavors. Still can’t find something like a dark bread I love in my hometown. Rye bread This Friday our class had shared lunch with dishes that represent culture of each student. My classmates and our facilitator brought fish and chips, Pavlova cake (which I finally tried for the first time since I’m here), coconut cake, sweets from England, tofu, dumplings, etc.. I did not exactly follow the idea, but managed to buy baklava at a cafe in a most visited by me shopping mall and also brought some pastry and sweets I found at home. Shared lunch These two days I am making my own mini Pavlova cakes after purchasing them in a supermarket Pavlova cake Pavlova cake And right now I am going to enjoy my dinner and watch a TV show. Fruit plates Love you,



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