For breakfast and movies

I eat a lot for breakfast lately. I don’t remember when it actually started because I used to not eat in the morning.
I buy main dishes from the Mediterranean/Turkish restaurant in a shopping mall I visit regularly. The last time I was there I ordered a Black Sea Chicken that comes with rice Black Sea Chicken Moorish Eggs (scrambled eggs and meatballs) Moorish Eggs And a bread which could be found in Ast. at any store Bread Since I can’t find a bread I like here, except for the one above, I made two small traditional ones by myself. Next time I’ll make pirozhki, if I won’t be too lazy ;) Bread I also buy salmon. These two are wood roasted. One with spices (I don’t really get any spicy flavour, which is good) and the other one is regular, but too salty for my taste. I also like small pieces of smoked salmon, but I didn’t take a picture when I had them. Smoked salmon Smoked salmon And, as always, fruits, berries and organic yogurt with movies. Fruits, berries and organic yogurt Love,



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