Morning cosmetic routine

Here is how and what I use in the morning before I leave to school.
After washing my face with the THE BODY SHOP foam (sometimes with Clarisonic) that I mentioned before, I comb my hair with TANGLE TEEZER my sister ordered for me while we lived in SZ. I will talk about it more at the end of the post.
Then I wipe my face with BIODERMA Micelle Solution and with CHANEL Anti-Pollution Alcohol Free Lotion (which constantly changes/improves).
After that I apply WELEDA Eye Cream around my eyes and nasolabial folds. I like this cream and find it really moisturizing.
The final step for the first phase of face care is THE BODY SHOP Nutriganics Soothing Day Cream. Cosmetics I don’t use much make-up, but I always apply my favorite CHANEL Anti-Pollution SPF 50. My family buys it a lot in case we will not have a chance to find it.
Then I add some colour to my eyebrows using BOBBY BROWN Eye Shadow with BOBBY BROWN Eyebrow Brush.  My mom taught me this trick with eyeshadow, and my sister chose almost every single cosmetic product I use.
If I need to, I use LAURA MERCIER Eyebrow Gel. I’m not sure if it works, my eyebrows are hard to fix.
My sister and I chose this CHANEL Vitalumiere Foundation in Beige Rose shade not long ago. It’s not really a foundation, so we just call it powder. It is light and natural. It comes with a sponge for a better concealing effect and there is also a brush for natural effect in the case pocket. I also have a BOBBY BROWN Powder Brush which is more comfortable to use, but I haven’t opened mine yet.
Our long time favorite mascara is LANCOME Virtuose. Tried many others, but always returned to this one.
Another long time favorite product is LANCOME Bocage Deodarant Cream.
I didn’t find Coola lip balm here, so I bought THE BODY SHOP Lip Balm with Vitamin E.
And finally, FENDI Eau de toilette that my sister chose for herself, and bought another one for me.

My mom and my sister are the best! =)Cosmetics As I promised, about the TANGLE TEEZERs we have. Before we left SZ my sister ordered three or four more combs through TaoBao in case we couldn’t find them in Ast. A girl that sent them to us surprised us with complimentary gifts and a card. This was really sweet of her. She wrapped everything with a bubble bag, nice paper and ribbon. Also, we’ve got pink cases for combs, a compact mirror, funny Paul Frank magnets and id holders, and a business card holder. This was without doubt a very kind gesture and a great example of good customer service. Cosmetics Love,



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