Healthy and not so healthy beginning of my day

Since I had three days off due to the weekend and a public holiday I had a chance to put my life in balance. I did most of the things I had on a list for a long time, slept well and even started to do some short and simple yoga routines before I go to sleep and right after I wake up. I love Tara Stiles’ yoga routines. I have finally found what I was looking for. The movements I like in yoga and the way of doing them. I like to allocate more time on routines, just enjoy stretching and breathing, and her instructions are helpful for my lack of creativity and memory. However, I only tried short ones before and after sleep routines. I should try others as well. You can find them on Youtube.

And here is my today’s and tomorrow’s, and maybe the day after tomorrow’s breakfast. Pirozhki with potato and with apple, and baursaks (no photo). Spent a long time making them, but was happy anyway. And I trust my cooking more than I trust others =)Pirozhki Have a great week!




One thought on “Healthy and not so healthy beginning of my day

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