A day in the city centre

This Wednesday our group had an activity of having tourists experience. We met at the city centre harbourside and began our journey exploring tourism related features. The weather was great, and I had a chance to look at the city differently and find some scenic places I will go to with my mom once she arrives here. City centre City centre City centre City centre City centre After lunch we were taken by two buses to the bridge. We’ve been given special clothes and helmets for safety and began the bridge climb experience. We were not allowed to take phones or cameras with us, but the guide took a picture of our group on the bridge later, and we also received certificates.

The bridge itself is not high as opposed to what I imagined people bungy jump of. Half of our group did the bungy jump, but before this we had to walk all the way to the centre of the bridge. Then followed the bridge climb. I tried to make the best of this experience, but I think adventure tourism is not exactly my cup of tea. Mostly I just really enjoyed walks with classmates. City centre Below are the photos of harbour after we’ve been dropped off by the bus after the bridge climb. Overall, it was a very nice day with my friendly group. City centre City centre City centre City centre City centre City centreLove,



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