All about food

Last week I finally cooked something myself. It was my favorite black rice with lamb meat in tomato sauce. Black rice with lamb meat Sometimes I go to a Turkish/Mediterranean cafe in a shopping mall I usually visit and order something for takeaway. Cafe Iskender Kebab: bottom layer of Turkish pide bread, middle layer of lamb meat topped with yogurt and tomatoes. Simple, but amazing dish. This is how it looked in container, and after I put it on the plate (not the most professional way to do it =)). Iskender Kebab Iskender Kebab My another favorite dish from the cafe is Beef Kebab (although it called differently). It comes with mashed potatoes and a salad. Also on the photo is Turkish pide bread and filo pastry pie with spinach, onion and feta cheese Beef Kebab Organic chocolates and ice-cream at night with TV shows Organic sweets My obsession with online shopping has reached a new level for me. Availability of self-checkout at some stores is not new to me anymore. On Monday I received my first order of groceries. I am happy I finally tried to purchase online, it’s time-efficient. This way I don’t have to travel to and from the store here.

Here’s my first test order: water, Cadbury mini chocolates (I chose the wrong pack, though), ice-creams, organic milk, mascarpone (can’t find Italian ones) and wet tissues. Complimentary crackers are gifted by my personal shopper. Thank you! Unfortunately, I don’t usually eat crackers myself, but it’s very nice of the store. I took them to school, my classmates love them. Also, stamps to collect and then to purchase designer cutlery with 90% discount and a note on the invoice wishing a nice week! I just love online customer service =) Order Today’s order: more water, plastic cutlery set (I carry a couple of those with me in bag), organic cotton make-up pads, wet tissues, cheese board, tissues, organic ice-cream (loved from the last time), slightly salted butter and a gum pack. Order Now I will be ordering quite often.

With love,



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