One year to AMoments

A year ago I started to write about some moments of my life, show what I see, and reflect my experience though photos and brief summaries. That helps me to store and remember some of the brightest moments of my everyday life. Let’s see some of the highlights and what I’ve been up to throughout the year:

Trips to HK. Living just across the bridge and having no need to apply for visa Hong Kong
pastriesCelebrating New Years Eve with my parents giftsFrequent trips back home IMAG1859 Wintertime Summer city End of studies in SZ University 17 Online shopping shopping Favorite tv series: El Clon, Victorious and Violetta.

Saying Goodbye to SZ Night view Residential complex Residential complex Peninsula Experiencing Auckland itinerary pinguins Auckland Auckland Pavlova cake AucklandI really enjoy having AMoments :)
With love,


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