Winter in AK

The weather is very hot right now. Even though it is only +25, for some reason it seems much warmer. It smells like summer in my hometown, and sometimes the nature reminds me of home. Nature Last Friday, after I finished my presentation, I went to a farm near the institution. I’ve heard so much about strawberries and strawberry ice-cream they sell from my classmates for months, so I finally managed to go and see it by myself. Nature Nature They have quite a variety of strawberries, so I bought premium ones (because the are bigger, so it is easier to wash them) ;) They are so good! Dark red, sweet and smell amazing! Strawberries They also mix frozen strawberries with vanilla ice-cream, and, voila, you have a fresh strawberry ice-cream! (I prefer a cup to a waffle) Ice-cream I’ve also found some good fruits in a supermarket. Great fruit salad while watching Violetta and other TV shows Fruits This pack of chocolates was staring at me, I just couldn’t resist… At least I tried… Chocolate TV show Received some Christmas gifts before the holidays =) Sweets Gift One day to my travel back home, which starts with a flight to HK tomorrow night. The time went by really fast =) Soon I’ll come home! To winter! For holidays! :D




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