And in HK

I didn’t expect the flight to HK to be so full. Usually there are plenty of spare seats on these flights. I think I got used to long-haul flights, so they don’t bother my well-being much anymore. 1 hour from Ast to Alm is like a sneeze, 6 hours from Alm to HK is like a class time, 11 hours from HK to Akl is like a nap. I don’t usually choose a window seat, it just happened that I forgot to mention isle one when asking a CSA to change my seat, so on a way to HK i enjoyed views of stars in the sky and lights of cities in the night, and a beautiful sunrise. On a plane After the landing I checked in at the hotel where I usually stay when transiting. This time I was given a room that is a part of a SPA, since there is a promotion of booking a Day Use Room with a complimentary 55 min. massage. My room named Chakra ;) Hotel room Hotel room Next, some shopping from Ast, HK and online stores.




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