Experiencing Auckland Day 1

Last week my mom came to visit me. Since we are leaving NZ soon, we want to really enjoy and appreciate amazing beauty of this country as much as we can. My mom and I don’t have much time with my studies and before our departure, so we cannot go for long trips and to any place far from AK. These weeks my mom and I had a great time together, ate chocolate ice-creams in the evening, did some grocery shopping in the city, dined traditional NZ Fish and Chips and walked along the waterfront on Quay Street.

Chocolate sundaeΒ at Theobroma Chocolate Lounge IMAG4229 IMAG3892Fish and Chips and a salad in one of the cafes in Newmarket IMAG3901 IMAG3895Broadway Street in Newmarket IMAG3903Views from Quay Street IMAG3984 IMAG3904 IMAG3908Viaduct Basin
IMAG3920 IMAG3924 IMAG3938 IMAG3933 IMAG3939Wynyard Crossing
IMAG3940 IMAG3945 IMAG3946 IMAG3951 IMAG3952 IMAG3954 IMAG3975 IMAG3955 IMAG3967 IMAG3972 IMAG3980 IMAG3981
Day 2 in the next post



2 thoughts on “Experiencing Auckland Day 1

  1. Glad you got to check out wynyard Quarter at the Viaduct. I love going there:) Theobrama is also another fav of mine.Belgium Milk mocha yummmmm:)

    • Thank you so much Celeste! :D
      I totally share your feelings. It’s so refreshing out there… I wanted to show my mom that place after our class walk during the Tourism class.
      My mom and I just love Theobroma! Now we have to try Milk mocha =)

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