Experiencing Auckland Day 2

On Sunday we planned to go and have a lunch at Midnight Express, but, unfortunately, it was closed at that time. Apparently, many of the restaurants are closed in the midday. So we just walked towards the Judges Bay hoping to find some other place to have a meal at. Auckland city centre IMAG4005
After seeing this cruise ship I want to go on a cruise. I know it’s stupid, but I’m a little bit afraid to =)
IMAG4008 IMAG4010Found a place to eat! Quay Street Cafe (on the right corner)
IMAG4009 IMAG4014
Looking up view at amazing NZ sky
IMAG4018 IMAG4015 IMAG4017Judges Bay. Also on video.

IMAG4020 IMAG4021 IMAG4022 IMAG4023 IMAG4040

Going back towards a train station after a walk
IMAG4063 IMAG4066Traditional purchase at Starbucks. Auckland and New Zealand Mugs


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