Walks and dining with my mom

My mom and I just love to walk and do what’s on to do list at the same time. We create an itinerary of going from point A to point B, and then can come up with point C, D and so on. The destination is always home. We love comfort, so comfort shoes like Bob’s or Tom’s (in this post) are always the right choice for summery weather. My mom and I like to spend this quality time together, chat and explore new places. The recent one was Parnell. We just walked from Newmarket to the city centre and back.
Parnell, AucklandParnell, AucklandA helicopter with $20million sign flying above
Parnell, AucklandParnell sky, AucklandView on the city from a chocolate boutique
Parnell, Aucklandand on a patio
Parnell, Aucklandanother chocolate sundae
Chocolate sundaefurther down the street
Parnell, AucklandParnell, Aucklandgetting to the city centre
Auckland city centreAuckland city centreDining at the most appealing nearby places. Beef stakes, Lamb shank, Spanish eggs and Chicken liver salad.
Beef stake and Lamb shankBeef stakeSpanish eggsChicken liver salad


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