Inner peace

I tend to not put anything too personal here, but to be honest, I feel kind of trapped and miserable when I’m back home. I know there is no strong reason for me to feel so, but I always do. I’m much more comfortable staying abroad. However, I guess I should learn to deal with it, or turn it off, as I usually do. I’m already back home for more than a month, which is the longest in the past few years. Studies in foreign countries are over, hence I just need to switch my feelings now, so that later I won’t have the exact same thoughts :)

I’ve noticed that recently many people are kind of getting into deep thoughts. Well, as I write this post I realize that so do I. While searching the internet I see many people with different outlooks who feel stuck . We are all capable of doing GREAT things, but something always stays in a way… or at least we think so (!).

Every day I try to prove that it’s possible to change your feelings to better. Even if slowly, step by step, by pushing yourself to find your inner peace. Some people start with inspirational posts, pics and blogs. Small things like cleaning or cooking, socializing and most importantly taking care of others and of yourself push even further, and then everything will just go with a flow.

If someone is reading this right now, I just want to remind once more that you are amazing, and you should not hide it deep inside yourself. Be happy and make others happy!

And for now, let’s share this Turkish delight (Rahat Lokum). Thank you Mom! <3 Turkish delight Love,





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