April must-have: vitamins

It’s not a secret that after the winter period people from most of the parts of the world are in desperate need of vitamins. Whether we realize it or not, studies show that we are. My advice is to think if you provide enough vitamins to yourself. Food Throughout the winter some countries lack fresh, juicy fruits and vegetables. My hometown in particular does not produce any, we are more known for our grain and meat, so we rely on import from other places. However, in April stores start to fill up with beautiful, colourful variety of products (just use search engines to find out more about nutritional value of each one). They are out there, so all is left is to take advantage of this opportunity and let your body thank you later. Note, that one cucumber, or one apple a day do not count as a daily norm. Do not lie to your body, be respectful.

Other than that, we should not underestimate the power of cosmetology. I’m not talking about implants here and there (for now at least ;)). Modern cosmetology provides a variety of vitamins taking care of your face and body. My choice of the month is a light mesotherapy to make my skin glowing and healthy. It’s light because it’s not being injected inside your skin, just applied on the surface. My dermatocosmetologyst mixes a couple of vitamins together and then applies it with a needle onto my face. Sometimes she tells me what vitamins she mixed, sometimes not, but I don’t really care as long as it’s a trustworthy clinic and specialist.

P.S. Make sure you have enough vitamins no matter of the time of the year. It’s hardly possible to have too much, but it’s likely not to.




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