Best Birthday Ever!..

Two days ago was my birthday. I planned to name this post “Birthday in the air”, but some plans just tend to change. It was THE BEST BIRTHDAY I had, that I remember at least. Not expecting much on days like this, I usually take them as regular ones, only with gifts, and don’t make a big deal out of them ;) But this time I had some amazing moments that I would love to share.

My day basically begun at 6 a.m. with packing and organizing my room. Then I decided to quickly go to a dentist and encountered not only snow that I saw from our apartment, but also a sunny spring day with a cold and fast wind. Fortunately, my dad offered to drive me. Snow, sun and wind in spring Then at noon we were invited by my grandmom to celebrate my birthday with family on my dad’s side. She always celebrates everyone’s birthdays and cooks our traditional meal and dumplings.

After some time we went straight to the airport to take our flight to Abu Dhabi. Because of the wind, it was pretty cold in the terminal… Untitled Took my sister’s bag for the trip and filled it with food (including a piece of cake and meat pancake that my mom and my dad bought me at the airport, and pirozhki from my grandmom). Full bag Economy class was not full and the cabin crew was very nice, so we enjoyed our flight. Forward and landscape view Also, I was touched when I got this sweet treat and Happy Birthday song from the two flight attendants. Tip: if it’s your birthday, just tell the crew ;) Birthday on board All afternoon I was wandering why my mom was telling me there are more surprises coming along… I told her I didn’t need any more surprises and that I am grateful for everything I had that day. And I thought the surprise would be a celebration dinner because my sister told me she would order something for herself :)

After landing in Abu Dhabi my sister checked our parents in a hotel and then we all headed to her room. She prepared a box full of different delicious cakes for me to try. See?.. I was right! Kind of… :) Cakes collection As I was happily taking photos of the box, my sister pulled out this beauty and made me speechless (and cry for a little while). I honestly did not expect any more gifts that day, and then comes this signature bag… Love my family so dearly!.. Birthday gift P.S. Sister’s reunited. Missed my little sweety! Untitled Love,



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