Lately in Abu Dhabi

Here is a brief photo diary of what we’ve been doing lately. The next day after our trip to Dubai, my dad and I visited Yas Waterworld. Strangely enough most of all we enjoyed just laying on water in a pool-river and go with a stream, and on waves on a “beach” Yas Waterworld exterior Yas Waterworld interior waves
our lunch at Dana’s Dinner: hot-dog and chicken wrap Hot-dog, chicken wrap and french fries
Continuing with the food theme here’s our favorite food outlet, Hatam. My mom and my sister fell in love with it last time they visited Abu Dhabi, and now we found it in the nearby shopping mall. (note: there is Hatam in the airport, and its prices are much cheaper) Hatam Kebab and chicken soup Arayes, kebab, eggplant and lamb cooked in tomato pasta Kebab, eggplant and lamb cooked in tomato pasta
Ice-cream and a cronut (the very first one) :) Baskin Robbins Cronut
And some more pics of this beautiful city:
Golden bridges are all over the city IMAG5147
Market at Mushrif Mall market
Beautiful Yas Island Yas Island Yas Island Hotel in Yas Island A bush A bush A bushLove,



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