May must-have: a hat

Hats Being here in Abu Dhabi, where the temperature varies from 35 degree up to 45 degree (so far during my stay), I am happy I have a couple of hats with me. Sometimes I notice that sunglasses are not as helpful in an uncompromising heat as hats are. They protect heads from sunstroke as well as from an undesirable tan (for me personally).

My favorite hat is a dark blue one. It is not a glamorous one, nor it is expensive at all. My sister and I got the same ones last year from our favorite Uniqlo. The hat has a protection of UV50 (!), made of cotton, meaning breathable, easy to wash and fold, and is very simple.

The other one is new from ZARA. I ran across it on the ZARA website while I was still back home, and then found it in their Abu Dhabi boutique. It’s quite big and sits comfortably on my head. I’m not sure it has UV protection, but in this case any hat is better than none at all. What I love about it, is that it’s in a light colour, yet suitable for cold weather thanks to a warmed inner shell. In addition, this hat is hand made, so no unnecessary thread lines are presented at all.

Hope someone will find it helpful and will be inspired by this post.




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