June must-have: sun protection

Sun protection It is essential to protect our skin throughout the year, but especially during the summer. It is June, so my obvious choice of a must-have for this month is sun protection cosmetics. I think I don’t need to remind you of a bad impact sun has on health nowadays. While many dream about getting tanned skin, my mom, my sister and I don’t anymore (but I used to have the most tanned skin in high school after a few trips to Hainan). Thanks to women in China, for a couple of years now we consider it a damaging trend. Healthy skin is flawless, with an even natural color and no blemishes. That’s what we are striving for.

The girls in our family use beauty products with a high sun protection level throughout the year since we are not bounded to one city and travel a lot to warmer places. They help to prevent photoaging and pigmentation. CHANEL UV ESSENTIEL Anti-Pollution SPF50/PA+++ is our favorite one for face and neck, and I already mentioned it in New Cosmetic Products and Morning Cosmetic Routine posts. It has a light texture, does not clog pores and nicely mattes the skin. CHANEL UV ESSENTIEL is pricey, but one bottle lasts for more or less two month. (Tip: the best prices on Chanel are in Hong Kong ;)) The main factors we choose this product are high sun protection level, anti-pollution feature and no allergic reaction on my skin.

LANCASTER Sun For Kids UV50 is new for us, but we like it already. It doesn’t melt on skin under the sun and heat like many others do and has a nice texture as well. We usually choose body UV protection products for kids because they are more gentle and a little bit cheaper than the ones for adults.

Other than special sun protection cosmetics it is recommended to buy any of the beauty products with SPF/UV protection.

P.S. See other alternatives for different types of budget from a trustful resource and my favorite magazine, Allure Russia.




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