July must-have: anti-allergy bedding

pillowsI travel from time to time these couple of years, and it means that most of the time during my transit flights or on vacations I stay at hotels. Unfortunately, many of them do not provide special hypoallergenic pillows and duvets. I personally am allergic to many things, including feather or down filled bedding, and so is my sister. So few month ago she put away hotelย duvet and pillows, and we got ourselves anti-allergy ones.

My mom used to send us bedding filled with layers of stretched silk cocoons. We even went for a tour for Silk Exhibition during our vacation in Sanya, Hainan province, China, and watched how they are being made. When we stayed in Shenzhen and right now at home we are using regular polyester filled bedding from IKEA ordered from Russia. (We would be happy if IKEA opened a store in our hometown)

King quilt DKNY

Big pillow and pillowcase IKEA

Smaller pillow is from the nearby hypermarket




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