Memories. Living in Ocean City and Peninsula II

Few days ago I opened my old web diary and found some posts I completely forgot I posted a while ago. Apparently, I already deleted everything from the years 2006-2008. I was a little bit disappointed, because I remember going through my old entries and thinking that at that period of time I had quite interesting thoughts and an amazing writing style (in Russian). But, oh well, I discovered other interesting posts and events. That is exactly why I love having a diary/blog. I want to capture it all and once in a while come across all the good memories, and remember them.
After I found a post of one of our moves from one apartment to another back three years ago, I downloaded all the photos and my mom and I decided to feature them here. I also collected some other pics from the place as well as from two other flats we rented in Shenzhen. I will be telling a short story or make a description of every single pic below.
Residential complex Ocean City. What a residential complex! It was sort of isolated, located a bit far away from proper supermarket; a metro station (or what was it) was just beginning to build up from a seaside of the building making a huge noise. But we just LOVED the apartment and even got used to the drilling sound after one night! It is quite a pricy place to live in (after all you can’t kill the taste), but we had a great deal, so the rent was not as expensive. Also, not so many people lived in the complex and in the area, so it was just a zen place after living close to a stifling atmosphere of  the city. The air, the perception, neighbors, all felt different and refreshing.
1.2. A lane leading to the complex (the one on the left);
3.4. Typical buildings of Ocean City;
5. A gate close to the building we lived in (although residents never used it).
Lobby Ocean City has been built by an Australian company, so everything is very well done. Apartments are amazing and spacious, with built in wardrobes and central air conditioning system. As you can see on the collage above, even the porch, the lobby look expensive. I have to admit that all of the lobbies in new apartment buildings I’ve seen in China are well and beautifully preserved, but these are just on the next level. From what we’ve been told, all the chandeliers are made of Swarovski crystals. Overall, the richness of the lobby is undeniable. However, a year later we moved out of the apartment because the price went up, and the owner started showing his true colours. These photos were taken during our move out of Ocean City.
1. Glorious heavy doors of the building. As usual, residents have swipe access cards for the complex gates and every building.
2. Lobby. There used to be a gold glamorous couch with crystals at mirrored wall, but it was taken away at the moment of our move. It is seen on the next collage with close ups.
Interior close-up And then we moved to our dream place, Peninsula II in Shekou. It is located along the sea border with Hong Kong, and is home to many expats. When you are there, you feel like you are in foreign world. However, the realization of being in China comes once you cross a road from the complex toward a bus or metro station. That is something special about the country. Mixture and diversity of neighbor areas is presented in most of the cities. And when it comes to more expensive places, prices are still much-much cheaper than in countries west and south of Asia.
My family thought of moving to Peninsula for years, but at that time new buildings were not completed yet, and old ones were expensive. The first apartment we rented there for two years we found in one day. Simply not having enough time after the monthly price for the previous apartment in Ocean City went up, we found two lovely real estate agents through my mom’s classmate and they helped us out really well. Even though the new apartment was smaller, we loved living there. Peninsula is much more convenient place to live in, because it is a much bigger community with an access to the seaside, supermarkets with products from foreign countries, cafés, bakeries, international school, etc.
After living in the first apartment in Peninsula II for two years we moved to another one in the same residential complex. I posted an article about the move here. Peninsula1.2. Peninsula I and II is on the right side;
3.4.5. Around the residential complex.

Another thing we loved about Peninsula is a resort-like seaside pool. Even though people don’t have an access to the sea, it was completely compensated. The seaside area included a bigger and a smaller pool, a restaurant and a gym. Most of the modern residential complexes in Shenzhen have a pool, but this one is somewhat more likable. On weekends families gather together and spend some quality time in a nice weather. On weekdays people just come to swim, tan and relax.
poolside 1. On the way to the pool
2. View on Peninsula I
3. View on Peninsula II
4. 5. Pool, gym and a restaurant
6. View on Hong Kong
Seaside viewsViews from the three apartments:
1. on the bridge and one of Hong Kong islands. From Ocean city terrace, 6th floor;
2. 3. on wharf. From Peninsula II balcony on 4th floor. 4th November 2011 and 31st December 2012;
4. same bridge as on the photo 1. From Peninsula II balcony on 47th floor;
5. on wharf and the rest of Shekou seaside. From Peninsula II balcony on 47th floor.

What else to say here? We  cherish our memories about our life in Shenzhen. Every place we live in teaches us something, changes and improves us. That is one of the reasons why we love to travel.




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