September must-have: getting toned and enjoying zen moments

yoga matI decided to start working out this month. Just a little, nothing too overwhelming. And even though it is autumn here, meaning not a bikini season, in southern hemisphere it’s spring, so I hope this article would be helpful not only to myself.

The trainings that I chose to do can be found on YouTube. The first one is Victoria’s Secret Angel Butt Workout from XHIT Daily. It’s just what I want to work on right now. The other one is yoga with Tara Stiles called Routine for a Deep Sleep (but I do it at any time of the day). I already mentioned her yoga routines here, and I still love her videos. One of the reasons I like these workouts is that they can be done even if you don’t have a yoga mat. When in a hotel, they are perfect to be done in bed. First I do the butt workout, and after that stretching from the second video. It is so important to stretch after a workout, if you want your body system to stay healthy, and to look more like a ballerina. Also, I still love the breathing and scanning the body parts of yoga, and this is exactly when zen comes.

Note: when working out, always be careful and know your limits

Yoga mat and cover are from DECATHLON





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