October must-have: preparing skin for winter months

for winter Suddenly it’s autumn! The weather here changes so quickly, which is normal, but I’m not used to it. For the last five years I did not experience a real autumn. First I lived in subtropics, where it’s probably still +30C. Then last year I was in Auckland at this time of the year. It was cold out there, but that is understandable because in September for New Zealand (and all the other countries in southern hemisphere) seasons transition from winter to spring in my understanding. So yes, it got cold in my hometown and getting even colder. We even had snow falling twice last week early in the mornings, but melting soon afterwards. It is even starting to smell like winter and sunlight seems cold, but bright, like in winter.

Just as nature prepares for colder times, I am preparing my skin for winter as well. When I went to my dermatocosmetologyst last week, we quickly agreed that we should start doing a light mesotherapy to fill my face with vitamins, just like in April. We’ll be doing it for about a month and a half, and I’ll be visiting her once a week or ten days instead of every two weeks. Last week I was applied vitamins A and C, and something else, but I don’t remember the name of the product.

Other than that, I am trying to use Clarisonic brush as often as possible, and nourishing my skin with my new favorite LANCOME Moisturizing Cream. Also, as the weather gets colder I am using hand cream more and more often. I used to apply it several times a day, but somehow I forgot about this habit of mine. Now I only remember to apply a cream only when I feel like my skin is breaking. One more thing to work on :)

Take care of your skin and only do what is suitable for you.

Knitwear WEEKEND Max Mara (my mom’s)


LANCOME HYDRA ZEN NEUROCALM Soothing Anti-Stress Moisturizing Cream

WELEDA BABY Calendula Oil


CHANEL LA NUIT DE CHANEL Evening Recharging Face Care

THE BODY SHOP Lip Balm with Vitamin E




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