November must-have: Perfect boots for colder weather

Honestly, now I don’t understand why I was so afraid of autumn. Maybe its association with the start of studies throughout many-many years has something to do with my expectations. Apparently, it is not depressing at all, and there is something beautiful about this season. Just as spring, summer and winter something magical is going on during traditional autumn. All these colourful leaves that change their shade day by day and eventually fall creatingΒ  a carpet on the ground, unexpected colder weather and especially the sun appearing through mighty grey clouds feel so re-energizing and even inspiring. The photo below was taken a week ago, and today the city is covered in perfectly white snow. Autumn With such a change of seasons I am getting used to the change of my appropriate wardrobe of the season. Everything warmer is highly appreciated right now. Two weeks ago I attempted to wear my favorite Tom’s slip ons thinking that it’s still early for Ugg boots (which I actually wear since a month ago), but it was too cold for them already. Then my mom and I went online shopping and got ourselves a couple of new pairs of boots. Three of them have arrived yesterday, and I already worn the black pair below. I think they would be perfect for winter as well because they have a rubber sole. The only thing is that my mom and I bought bigger sizes than our normal ones, so all of the three pairs are a little big on feet, and we don’t want to send them back. However, it’s not the first time my shoes are big to me. As long as they are not smaller and don’t hurt the feet, we are okay :)



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