November Birthday and some father daughter time

Earlier this month our family celebrated my dad’s birthday! Below is the gift that we prepared for him. We spent a month thinking about it and a couple of days actually buying it. Not all the specializing shops have MacBooks in stock, and my mom and I wanted to find an unpacked one, so that was added up to our searching criteria. We actually got this one in the store right in our residential complex. It was so, so convenient because we finally (for second time) went for it right in the morning of my dad’s birthday. Just in time before he came home for lunch :)
С прошедшим днем рождения, папа! Мы тебя любим! giftRight now my mom is visiting my sister, and my dad and I are left to look after each other at home. I did a short city tour video on our way home from the airport last week, and I am hoping it will be working here. If not, it is posted on my Istagram in three parts. Sorry for the watermark, I created it in the app in my phone. And here’s more. Some of the pastry my dad bought for me the other day: syrniky (cheesecakes? kind of?), poppy seed danish and cinnamon danish, and pirozhki (pies) with smoked meat, mashed potato and pickles. I know, the filling of pirozhki sounds strange,  but surprisingly it actually tastes good :) Pastry Love,



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