Online shopping experience back at home

Recently, in about one month I shopped online in three different stores. It’s not my fault I cannot find what I want in the city :) Truth be told, I also prefer to look through the lists of products, compare them and find something new from home at any time of the day, with no pressure and impatient people around. I have had online shopping experience both when I lived in China and in New Zealand, so now it’s turn to shop from my own homecountry.

My first order came from Shopbop, the store I’ve known for years, but haven’t had the need to shop at. However, when I found what I was looking for for month I just registered and got myself these two pairs of delicate earrings. The delivery is quick and free worldwide, and the company seem to put some extra effort in packaging. My order came in a few plastic bags, a bubble wrap and each pair of earrings was put into a signature Shopbop jewellery box. IMG_0287 In one of the previous posts I already mentioned that my mom and I got ourselves a few pairs of new boots. We ordered them from THE OUTNET. Felt just like the old times (even though it’s only been one year :)) boots boxesThe third order came from iHerb, a popular website with a wide range of natural health products. With the first buy we got 10$ off + 5% discount because the order is over 60$. We got ourselves some Noni juice, salmon oil, argan oil and one of my favorite eye creams for my sister.IMG_0240The good thing is that as if now we don’t need to pay import taxes and duties if the total amount per month doesn’t exceed 1000, but we need to pay about 8-10$ for each order delivered (at least via DHL). It’s interesting and feels so good when the prices on THE OUTNET website change once we choose our homecountry :)

So yes, online shopping is only scary in the beginning, and then you just need to know when to stop.

Happy shopping! :)




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