Two years anniversary to AMoments

Two days ago was a two years anniversary to AMoments. I remembered to post about it before, but I just missed the date, as it often happens. I still love having this website and I am even coming up with new creative ideas to expand my hobbies. AMoments stores most of the best experiences my family and I go through, and, just like last time, here’s another brief summary of what we’ve been up to for this past year.

Enjoying summer in New Zealand, and then traveling through half a world (or a little less) to winter to be with my family on winter holidays. travelWarm welcome at home and New Year’s Eve celebration.Wintertime Experiencing Auckland together with my mom. Such a precious time. Auckland dining in AucklandAlso having a quick trip to Wellington with the best possible classmates ever .Wellington Taking home a traditional souvenir Auckland New Zealand mugs Returning back home 8 Visiting my sister. (Shortly after I came back, she left for work)9 Having family trips to Abu Dhabi and Dubai travel My sister’s visits home and our parents’ birthdays giftsExperiencing all four seasons this year. Not much of a real spring though, but looking forward for the upcoming year. SeasonsThree new categories, and more to come :)



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