Happy New Year!

Happy New Year of 2015! I wish everyone a healthy, happy, wonderful, amazing and beautiful year full exciting opportunities and moments!

And thank you 2014 for every happy moment, for every lesson and everything good that happened to me and my family!


cake New Year decoration IMG_0351 New Year tree IMG_0375 cake fruits I celebrated the New Year with my parents and my sister. We had a great time together cooking, preparing for the celebration and a little bit of a confusion with the gifts :)

The story is that as always I knew who was getting what as a present this year. I also asked my parents not to gift anything to me. When we were celebrating the New Year I saw my mom putting a bag near the New Year’s tree and I thought that it was the present for my dad (and for mom in the same bag), so I just took my sister’s gift and put it near the tree as well. My sister also thought that I put my parents gifts. Then my dad went to his computer, which was just near the tree, to show us a music video and ignored the gifts. When we came in the room I said something like “are we pretending that we don’t notice the gifts?” :) It turns out, that my mom put a gift for me, I put my sister’s, and we didn’t put our parents gift under the tree. So my sister went to our room and brought their bag with presents :) I hope everyone is happy with what they got for the New Year, I know I am :)




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