New job, new place

Hello from Almaty!

I cannot believe I haven’t written anything for two month! I missed it so so much…  A lot has changed since my last post, so I have many things to write about, but still don’t want it to be too long.

It all started a year ago when I started looking for a new job. I applied for a lot of positions within many companies, and for quite some time now I stopped expecting response for the applications because on one hand I didn’t want to feel dissapointed, and on another I have dreams of my own that I still dream of. So one January morning I finally received a call and was invited for a job interview through Skype (because I am from another city). Then shortly after it they invited me to an actual interview and provided with tickets to and from Almaty. After two tests (English and numerical) and a short talk with a manager and vice president of a company I got accepted for a job position I applied earlier this year. Thanks to the support of my parents and my sister I decided to move to Almaty for this job. So now I am in another city once again. This time is a little bit different from the past because I used to move abroad for studies, and not to another city in my homecountry.

mountainsresidential complex My mom and I came here a month ago and in two intense days found an apartment to rent. It is a new residential complex as usual, and the apartment is nice. Hopefully, some kind of supermarket will open in a nearby buildings soon.

My mom is currently visiting my sister in Abu Dhabi and then returning in a week. Next week is also 8 March, and we have three days off, so I am thinking of going home for the short holidays. Short trip to be with my family and work on a little project I could not start doing before.




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