I am back home

Hi!.. I know, it’s been so long… I feel bad about not updating…  Well, finally I am writing, and I missed it so much! Right now I am on a plane flying home. I guess now that I am officially in the company, and have a huge discount on tickets, I will be flying quite frequently. Plus, it’s so convenient to update the blog :)

Not much changes took place in recent months. I am still living at the same place, which I like. My parents visit me every now and then, and from last week on I travel to visit them, too.

It was my birthday on 26th of April, more than a month ago now! My mom was already in Almaty at that time, and my dad came to spend the weekend with us, too. I have the best parents ever! I hope they know I realize it :)

So, yeah… What else? I am full of hope. Always.




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