Travelling around the world: Traveller pics April-June

I am still catching up with the posts that should’ve been published last year. Here’s another edition of Travelling Around the World pics from April-June 2015. Lots of Moscow will be seen here… It became one of our (the traveler’s and mine) favorite cities. I will be talking about it more later on.

Once again, big thanks for a big amount of pictures to my lovely traveler

Moscow, Russia
Moscow MoscowMoscowMoscowMoscowMoscowMoscowBangkok, Thailand
Bangkok Abu Dhabi, UAE Abu DhabiAbu DhabiAbu DhabiAbu DhabiAbu DhabiMoscow, Russia
Moscow MoscowMoscowMoscowMoscowMoscowMoscowMoscowMoscowMoscowMinsk,Belarus
Minsk Munich, Germany MunichMunichMunichMunichMunichMunichMunichBelgrade, Serbia
Belgrade BelgradeBelgradeBelgradeBelgradeBelgradeBelgradeBelgradeBelgradeBelgrade Shanghai, China
Shanghai ShanghaiShanghaiShanghaiShanghaiMore posts to come soon ;)




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