A part of our shopping haul

My parents and I spent in Abu Dhabi almost a month, so it’s quite natural that we came back home with our suitcases stuffed with new things. Some of them I am going to show in this post. Also, here are some of the many presents my sister brought from her travels to Chengdu (oh Uniqlo!) and Paris.

Our little collection of Starbucks mugs have grown, now also featuring Chengdu mug set and a notebook :) Starbucks mugs and notebookConfiture from Paris. I took this pic a week ago, before we finished the apricot one ;D Confiture Some cosmetics that we needed in order to refill our stock: 1. THE BODY SHOP Moisture White Shiso Foaming Facial Wash instead of The Body Shop Nutriganics Foaming Facial Wash (in this post) because they don’t have it stores; THE BODY SHOP Shea Butter & Sesame Oil Body Balm for hands (because one jar will be gone in a day if I use it for body); Argan Oil (we randomly chose these ones, but haven’t tried them yet); LANCASTER Sun For Kids UV50 and CHANEL Joues Contraste Powder Blush in 72 Rose Initial. CosmeticsNew cases: blue ones are from Women’s Secret and the hot pink one is from H&M. The dark blue one with stripes is great for keeping underwear and accessories when traveling. Light blue beauty case is so adorable and with stars, so I had to have it! In addition, it’s not expensive at all, and it was sold with a discount. The other one is a small everyday beauty case for having it with me in a bag. Travel casesMy new DELSEY suitcase in medium size from their Flaneur line. My previous one (which was only eight month old at that time) is damaged so I needed a new one. I think it got damaged in the city where we’ve been transiting a lot in the past year because before that we had no problems with our luggage at all. My mom’s suitcase is also damaged, so it’s not a one time instance. The good thing is that my all-time favorite airline compensated me almost the whole cost of the suitcase! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Choosing a new one we had a look at Samsonite (we like it, but prices are too high and we got two suitcases damaged, so No, thank you!), American Tourister (as much as we adore our cabin size ones, big ones seem to be a little weak), and finally chose DELSEY. We know the brand very well since we have two soft suitcases from 2010. At that time we did a little research and found it trustworthy. Not to mention that they offer discounts for their products ;D

And finally, inside of the suitcase are folded IKEA boxes, HEYS clothes packing bag, shoe cases from DAISO Japan, Accessories coin purse and FOREVER 21 Travel Size Lint Roller. Suitcase




Winter post

I’ve been quite tired and busy since the New Year. It definitely had an impact on both, the blog and my life. But now that I am finally getting more relaxed, so I can catch up on everything that was going on. I just made a new order, first one from Net-a-Porter, which means that I am truly back =)

Going back in couple of weeks ago, I really enjoyed the winter in KZ. It feels right to celebrate New Year with family, snow, good food, fireworks and, of course, New Year’s Tree and gifts.

Let’s start with the sweets before the New Year. Brought Godiva for my sister from HK. Bennetts are from NZ. Chocolate Chocolate I should stop eating chocolate… Maybe one day it will happen. Could not resist buying Santa Toffifee in Metro;) Toffifee Toffifee Every time I go home, eating takes a huge part in my trips. Everything is familiar, checked by myself and just so good… Pastry A part of an enormous variety of great (but not dietary) food Pastry Pastry Pastry New Year family table New Year table Traditional Olivie salad (the bottom one for my brother, the top one for rest of us) and herring under a fur coat Salads Salads Microwave oven backed chicken and sliced goose Backed chicken and sliced goose Before my departure I wanted to go to my favorite restaurant in Ast, but on the way there we stopped by a shop and bought so much delicious food… We didn’t make it to the restaurant. Next time =)

Chicken kebab, chicken cutlet and a bread Chicken kebab, chicken cutlet and a bread Veal Prince Orloff Veal Prince Orloff Zander Zander Samosas, pirozhki and syrniki Samosas, pirozhki and syrniki Sour cream pie Sour cream pie and small pies with boiled condensed milk and nuts. Pastry Our New Years Tree was a little skinny, but natural and still gorgeous :D New Years Tree New Years Tree New Years Tree New Years Tree My sister and I were hiding the gifts we prepared for our family behind the bed (and our mom saw them) before putting them under the tree on the New Year Gifts And finally, some winter sceneries Winter Winter Winter Winter Winter Winter Winter Love,


Apartamento rosa

That’s it. We have finally moved to another apartment. One month of searching plus three month of prep seemed to last so long. We moved from the 4th floor to 47th. The time we spend in elevator is much longer now =)
We are trying to decorate the new apartment in pink. That is unexpected, and unexpectedly cute. Looks very nice. Pink and white decor Pink and white decor Our new mini sewing machine. It was delivered right in the middle of our moving process. Just in time. Mini sewing machine During these two days of moving we did not have much time to cook. So we’ve been ordering the dinner and buying fresh juices as beverage for lunch on our way home. Fresh juices The night view from the window. Once again, we can see the bridge to HK. Night view P.S. This morning I’ve got some great news. I just hope everything will be fine.