Dining around the world: April-June

As usual, Dining Around the World post following Travelling Around the World ;)

Please enjoy! :*
Belgrade Durmitor Dining Around the WorldDining Around the WorldDining Around the WorldDining Around the WorldDining Around the World



Dining around the world: January-March

I know it has been a long time since January-March month, but it doesn’t mean I would skip this period of time. I will try to catch up as much as possible and keep the blog updated. At the end of the day, I started posting here to remember all the wonderful things my family and I go through in life. The more I collect and publish, the more appreciation we feel. Just a real quick and unprepared thought (Oh how I missed writing :))

On that note, here is a new dining edition of Dining Around the World pictures by my dear traveller. Please enjoy :*


Catching up

Following the previous post with a short story about the past two month here are photos I collected on my iPhone throughout this period of time.

random1. As my mom and I first arrived we often went to two shopping malls. In one of them I saw this Cinderella shoe inside a cinema. It’s so cute, isn’t it?
2. Great pastry from a great, but a little too expensive supermarket.
3. Our dining experience. I think my dad will love that meat mince in a pocket that looks like a steak.
4. Valentine’s Day spent with my love of my life, my mom. We got “Love is…” gums in a stationary boutique as complimentary gifts
samovarSamovar. Russian traditional boiler with hot water for tea. Took this pic at a dining place above (pic 3)
neighbourhoodMy local neighbourhood. It was snowing last week, so beautiful in the morning. For better views watch the two videos below:
Mountain Views
from homeI went home twice over this period of time. The first time at the end of February, and the second time I think two weeks later (somewhere around March 8)
1. Our dear Ficus tree, who’s name is Finik.
2. Second flight home.
3, 4. Before my flight back to Almaty my mom has arrived from Abu Dhabi. These are the litlle gifts from her and my sister. Love you!!!
streetlightsOn the way to the airport with my dad. I meant to take a pic of the city, but the focus thought otherwise, and here is a beautiful photo of melted snow on a car window.
crispy snowCrispy snow at home. I think I still can’t get enough of little winter wonders.
make upMy everyday make-up essentials. Everything I need for a natural looking make-up. Not much has changed since I posted my routine, I only added Giorgio Armani corrector.
dining1. Perfect healthy food: black rice, salmon and broccoli
2. Some vegetables and Russian-style sandwiches
3. Business lunch. In my homecountry it means a lunch comprising of a soup, salad, main dish and sometimes a dessert coming in an inexpensive price. I went to a place near my office, and really loved it. Although I must admit that this business lunch costs more than an average one.
4. My usual Saturday lunch now (?) Every weekend I go groceries shopping, so I get myself a cake or two as well.