Happy New Year!

Happy New Year of 2015! I wish everyone a healthy, happy, wonderful, amazing and beautiful year full exciting opportunities and moments!

And thank you 2014 for every happy moment, for every lesson and everything good that happened to me and my family!


cake New Year decoration IMG_0351 New Year tree IMG_0375 cake fruits I celebrated the New Year with my parents and my sister. We had a great time together cooking, preparing for the celebration and a little bit of a confusion with the gifts :)

The story is that as always I knew who was getting what as a present this year. I also asked my parents not to gift anything to me. When we were celebrating the New Year I saw my mom putting a bag near the New Year’s tree and I thought that it was the present for my dad (and for mom in the same bag), so I just took my sister’s gift and put it near the tree as well. My sister also thought that I put my parents gifts. Then my dad went to his computer, which was just near the tree, to show us a music video and ignored the gifts. When we came in the room I said something like “are we pretending that we don’t notice the gifts?” :) It turns out, that my mom put a gift for me, I put my sister’s, and we didn’t put our parents gift under the tree. So my sister went to our room and brought their bag with presents :) I hope everyone is happy with what they got for the New Year, I know I am :)




Two years anniversary to AMoments

Two days ago was a two years anniversary to AMoments. I remembered to post about it before, but I just missed the date, as it often happens. I still love having this website and I am even coming up with new creative ideas to expand my hobbies. AMoments stores most of the best experiences my family and I go through, and, just like last time, here’s another brief summary of what we’ve been up to for this past year.

Enjoying summer in New Zealand, and then traveling through half a world (or a little less) to winter to be with my family on winter holidays. travelWarm welcome at home and New Year’s Eve celebration.Wintertime Experiencing Auckland together with my mom. Such a precious time. Auckland dining in AucklandAlso having a quick trip to Wellington with the best possible classmates ever .Wellington Taking home a traditional souvenir Auckland New Zealand mugs Returning back home 8 Visiting my sister. (Shortly after I came back, she left for work)9 Having family trips to Abu Dhabi and Dubai travel My sister’s visits home and our parents’ birthdays giftsExperiencing all four seasons this year. Not much of a real spring though, but looking forward for the upcoming year. SeasonsThree new categories, and more to come :)


November Birthday and some father daughter time

Earlier this month our family celebrated my dad’s birthday! Below is the gift that we prepared for him. We spent a month thinking about it and a couple of days actually buying it. Not all the specializing shops have MacBooks in stock, and my mom and I wanted to find an unpacked one, so that was added up to our searching criteria. We actually got this one in the store right in our residential complex. It was so, so convenient because we finally (for second time) went for it right in the morning of my dad’s birthday. Just in time before he came home for lunch :)
С прошедшим днем рождения, папа! Мы тебя любим! giftRight now my mom is visiting my sister, and my dad and I are left to look after each other at home. I did a short city tour video on our way home from the airport last week, and I am hoping it will be working here. If not, it is posted on my Istagram in three parts. Sorry for the watermark, I created it in the app in my phone. https://flic.kr/p/q8eK3P And here’s more. Some of the pastry my dad bought for me the other day: syrniky (cheesecakes? kind of?), poppy seed danish and cinnamon danish, and pirozhki (pies) with smoked meat, mashed potato and pickles. I know, the filling of pirozhki sounds strange,  but surprisingly it actually tastes good :) Pastry Love,


September Birthday and family time

I have written a couple of posts in September, but haven’t shared two of the most important events that happened last month.
La Mer giftThe end of September is always a cheerful time to celebrate because an incredible person, who, by some luck, happens to be my mom, was born that month. С прошедшим днем рождения, мама! Люблю тебя сильно-сильно!
KitKat icecreamAnother exciting event to mention here is that my sister took a holiday from work and flew back home for ten days to celebrate our mom’s birthday and spend some family time with us. Happy happy wonderful times! Miss you love! :-*




Last Tuesday was my sister’s graduation, and my parents and I proudly went to attend it. With no surprise at all did we find out that everyone respects her and is inspired by our young lady!



Best Birthday Ever!..

Two days ago was my birthday. I planned to name this post “Birthday in the air”, but some plans just tend to change. It was THE BEST BIRTHDAY I had, that I remember at least. Not expecting much on days like this, I usually take them as regular ones, only with gifts, and don’t make a big deal out of them ;) But this time I had some amazing moments that I would love to share.

My day basically begun at 6 a.m. with packing and organizing my room. Then I decided to quickly go to a dentist and encountered not only snow that I saw from our apartment, but also a sunny spring day with a cold and fast wind. Fortunately, my dad offered to drive me. Snow, sun and wind in spring Then at noon we were invited by my grandmom to celebrate my birthday with family on my dad’s side. She always celebrates everyone’s birthdays and cooks our traditional meal and dumplings.

After some time we went straight to the airport to take our flight to Abu Dhabi. Because of the wind, it was pretty cold in the terminal… Untitled Took my sister’s bag for the trip and filled it with food (including a piece of cake and meat pancake that my mom and my dad bought me at the airport, and pirozhki from my grandmom). Full bag Economy class was not full and the cabin crew was very nice, so we enjoyed our flight. Forward and landscape view Also, I was touched when I got this sweet treat and Happy Birthday song from the two flight attendants. Tip: if it’s your birthday, just tell the crew ;) Birthday on board All afternoon I was wandering why my mom was telling me there are more surprises coming along… I told her I didn’t need any more surprises and that I am grateful for everything I had that day. And I thought the surprise would be a celebration dinner because my sister told me she would order something for herself :)

After landing in Abu Dhabi my sister checked our parents in a hotel and then we all headed to her room. She prepared a box full of different delicious cakes for me to try. See?.. I was right! Kind of… :) Cakes collection As I was happily taking photos of the box, my sister pulled out this beauty and made me speechless (and cry for a little while). I honestly did not expect any more gifts that day, and then comes this signature bag… Love my family so dearly!.. Birthday gift P.S. Sister’s reunited. Missed my little sweety! Untitled Love,



On the 18th of February was my last day at school. It was strange to be there for the last time and realize that you may not see the people whom you’ve seen almost every day for these seventeen weeks ever again. Everything was so genuine that day. Lots of nice words have been said, hugs made and tears dropped. I just wish I could say goodbye to everyone.

I am happy my mom was invited to see me graduating. She finally got to meet my class, school faculty and our close relationships.

Certificate, awards and notes with nice words to me I received that day IMAG4382
I will forever cherish the time in NZ spent with the most amazing people I have ever met. I already miss everyone…

Love you,


Happy New Year

Getting ready for greeting the New Year of 2014. The New Year’s Eve and the gifts are all ready. My mom saw three wrapped gifts already… Hopefully, there will be surprise for her anyway ;) DSC_0311 imag3411 Thanks for everything this year of 2013 has brought. I am grateful for every opportunity I had, for everything I achieved, and for everything I have!

Happy New Year everyone! Wish all the best in 2014!

<3 With love,


One year to AMoments

A year ago I started to write about some moments of my life, show what I see, and reflect my experience though photos and brief summaries. That helps me to store and remember some of the brightest moments of my everyday life. Let’s see some of the highlights and what I’ve been up to throughout the year:

Trips to HK. Living just across the bridge and having no need to apply for visa Hong Kong
pastriesCelebrating New Years Eve with my parents giftsFrequent trips back home IMAG1859 Wintertime Summer city End of studies in SZ University 17 Online shopping shopping Favorite tv series: El Clon, Victorious and Violetta.

Saying Goodbye to SZ Night view Residential complex Residential complex Peninsula Experiencing Auckland itinerary pinguins Auckland Auckland Pavlova cake AucklandI really enjoy having AMoments :)
With love,