Gifts from overseas

As I said in the previous post my mom is home now, and she brought some amazing gifts from her and my sister for us all. Big-big thanks to both of them!

Apart from visiting Abu Dhabi they also traveled to Seoul for one day. No visas required for us now to travel there, and my loves say I will fall in love with the city just as much as they already did :)
SweetsSweets from Abu Dhabi and Seoul and the gingerbread from Paris
Paris mugTraditional Starbucks mugs and a magnet from Paris as well
Cosmetics1. Korean and Japanese under-eye patches, gloves and socks to moisturize and nourish the skin.

2. THE BODY SHOP Moisture White Shiso Foaming Facial Wash,
LANCOME Mousse Eclat Express Clarifying Self-Foaming Cleanser (I think it’s from Paris, too),
LANCOME Tonique Confort Re-Hydrating Comforting Toner for Dry skin (from Abu Dhabi Duty Free),
KIEHL’S Ultra Facial Toner (from Seoul Duty Free),
TANGLE TEEZER Hairbrush (from Manchester),
THE BODY SHOP Vitamin E Lip Care SPF 15 (from Seoul),
Dr. Organic Tea Tree Lip Balm SPF 15
and some Japanese cotton pads.

3. SHISEIDO Aqualabel Facial Wash (from Japan),
LANCOME Genifique Yeux Eye Cream (from Abu Dhabi Duty Free),
KIEHL’S Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado,
LANCOME Hydra Zen Neurocalm Soothing Anti-Stress Moisturizing Cream for dry skin (from Abu Dhabi Duty Free),
ARGANTUS Pure Argan Oil,
HAND CHEMISTRY Hyaluronic Concentrate for hands and body,
NIVEA Creme from Japan

4. UNIQLO warm innerwear for winter




Summer travels

This post is going to be semi-themed because I didn’t post in a while and I want to catch up on everything major that was going on back in July. Also, unfortunately, my phone is broken these past few days, and I missed on taking photos of such amazing places that I want to go back once I get the chance.

The main event that took place almost a month ago was my sister’s travel back home. We were all so excited to have her with us in our apartment that feels so empty when she’s abroad. She brought a suitcase full of gifts for everyone and majorly lightened up the whole mood and atmosphere of home. My sister spent a week in our hometown and then my mom and her left for Abu Dhabi once again. Gifts I’m especially in love with these Swiss souvenirs! Swiss souvenirs La Cure Gourmande Tendresse de caramel La Cure Gourmande Tendresse de caramel Starbucks mugs Belgium Starbucks mug Nagoya Starbucks mug Burberry sun protection umbrellas from Japan (UV 100)UV 100 Burberry umbrellas One of the lunches spent together (my dad brought everything from a store) Salads and cakes I left for Abu Dhabi one day earlier because of the confusion with prices for the two airlines. But it’s all right, I love travelling with my favorite one. Very often, if you’re lucky, you can sit all by yourself and feel comfortable in economy class seat. Plus, this airline has the best plane food! I’ve already mentioned this company before in Fast Packing and Going Far Away posts.Up in the air Plane dinner All by myself Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi Corniche Right now we are still in Abu Dhabi. Sometimes we travel to explore Dubai, and that’s where I need to go back with a camera once I get the chance.


June must-have: sun protection

Sun protection It is essential to protect our skin throughout the year, but especially during the summer. It is June, so my obvious choice of a must-have for this month is sun protection cosmetics. I think I don’t need to remind you of a bad impact sun has on health nowadays. While many dream about getting tanned skin, my mom, my sister and I don’t anymore (but I used to have the most tanned skin in high school after a few trips to Hainan). Thanks to women in China, for a couple of years now we consider it a damaging trend. Healthy skin is flawless, with an even natural color and no blemishes. That’s what we are striving for.

The girls in our family use beauty products with a high sun protection level throughout the year since we are not bounded to one city and travel a lot to warmer places. They help to prevent photoaging and pigmentation. CHANEL UV ESSENTIEL Anti-Pollution SPF50/PA+++ is our favorite one for face and neck, and I already mentioned it in New Cosmetic Products and Morning Cosmetic Routine posts. It has a light texture, does not clog pores and nicely mattes the skin. CHANEL UV ESSENTIEL is pricey, but one bottle lasts for more or less two month. (Tip: the best prices on Chanel are in Hong Kong ;)) The main factors we choose this product are high sun protection level, anti-pollution feature and no allergic reaction on my skin.

LANCASTER Sun For Kids UV50 is new for us, but we like it already. It doesn’t melt on skin under the sun and heat like many others do and has a nice texture as well. We usually choose body UV protection products for kids because they are more gentle and a little bit cheaper than the ones for adults.

Other than special sun protection cosmetics it is recommended to buy any of the beauty products with SPF/UV protection.

P.S. See other alternatives for different types of budget from a trustful resource and my favorite magazine, Allure Russia.



May must-have: a hat

Hats Being here in Abu Dhabi, where the temperature varies from 35 degree up to 45 degree (so far during my stay), I am happy I have a couple of hats with me. Sometimes I notice that sunglasses are not as helpful in an uncompromising heat as hats are. They protect heads from sunstroke as well as from an undesirable tan (for me personally).

My favorite hat is a dark blue one. It is not a glamorous one, nor it is expensive at all. My sister and I got the same ones last year from our favorite Uniqlo. The hat has a protection of UV50 (!), made of cotton, meaning breathable, easy to wash and fold, and is very simple.

The other one is new from ZARA. I ran across it on the ZARA website while I was still back home, and then found it in their Abu Dhabi boutique. It’s quite big and sits comfortably on my head. I’m not sure it has UV protection, but in this case any hat is better than none at all. What I love about it, is that it’s in a light colour, yet suitable for cold weather thanks to a warmed inner shell. In addition, this hat is hand made, so no unnecessary thread lines are presented at all.

Hope someone will find it helpful and will be inspired by this post.



Lately in Abu Dhabi

Here is a brief photo diary of what we’ve been doing lately. The next day after our trip to Dubai, my dad and I visited Yas Waterworld. Strangely enough most of all we enjoyed just laying on water in a pool-river and go with a stream, and on waves on a “beach” Yas Waterworld exterior Yas Waterworld interior waves
our lunch at Dana’s Dinner: hot-dog and chicken wrap Hot-dog, chicken wrap and french fries
Continuing with the food theme here’s our favorite food outlet, Hatam. My mom and my sister fell in love with it last time they visited Abu Dhabi, and now we found it in the nearby shopping mall. (note: there is Hatam in the airport, and its prices are much cheaper) Hatam Kebab and chicken soup Arayes, kebab, eggplant and lamb cooked in tomato pasta Kebab, eggplant and lamb cooked in tomato pasta
Ice-cream and a cronut (the very first one) :) Baskin Robbins Cronut
And some more pics of this beautiful city:
Golden bridges are all over the city IMAG5147
Market at Mushrif Mall market
Beautiful Yas Island Yas Island Yas Island Hotel in Yas Island A bush A bush A bushLove,


Best Birthday Ever!..

Two days ago was my birthday. I planned to name this post “Birthday in the air”, but some plans just tend to change. It was THE BEST BIRTHDAY I had, that I remember at least. Not expecting much on days like this, I usually take them as regular ones, only with gifts, and don’t make a big deal out of them ;) But this time I had some amazing moments that I would love to share.

My day basically begun at 6 a.m. with packing and organizing my room. Then I decided to quickly go to a dentist and encountered not only snow that I saw from our apartment, but also a sunny spring day with a cold and fast wind. Fortunately, my dad offered to drive me. Snow, sun and wind in spring Then at noon we were invited by my grandmom to celebrate my birthday with family on my dad’s side. She always celebrates everyone’s birthdays and cooks our traditional meal and dumplings.

After some time we went straight to the airport to take our flight to Abu Dhabi. Because of the wind, it was pretty cold in the terminal… Untitled Took my sister’s bag for the trip and filled it with food (including a piece of cake and meat pancake that my mom and my dad bought me at the airport, and pirozhki from my grandmom). Full bag Economy class was not full and the cabin crew was very nice, so we enjoyed our flight. Forward and landscape view Also, I was touched when I got this sweet treat and Happy Birthday song from the two flight attendants. Tip: if it’s your birthday, just tell the crew ;) Birthday on board All afternoon I was wandering why my mom was telling me there are more surprises coming along… I told her I didn’t need any more surprises and that I am grateful for everything I had that day. And I thought the surprise would be a celebration dinner because my sister told me she would order something for herself :)

After landing in Abu Dhabi my sister checked our parents in a hotel and then we all headed to her room. She prepared a box full of different delicious cakes for me to try. See?.. I was right! Kind of… :) Cakes collection As I was happily taking photos of the box, my sister pulled out this beauty and made me speechless (and cry for a little while). I honestly did not expect any more gifts that day, and then comes this signature bag… Love my family so dearly!.. Birthday gift P.S. Sister’s reunited. Missed my little sweety! Untitled Love,


My time back home

I like being back, especially now that winter is over and my mom and I can go out more often. Here’s what I am enjoying doing here apart from sleeping well and visiting dermatocosmetologist to do some facials.

I love to just sit in a car with my dad and drive around the city. I don’t like driving myself, but I think I need to practice anyway :) City City City Shopping for my nephew. Everything is so adorable… Shop Staying healthy with fresh juices, fruit salads, sour cream and occasionally pumpkin soup and omelette untitled Organizing everything in the apartment… kind of. Just settling and putting everything in place :) IMAG4632


Fast packing

When my mom and I went to have some more chocolate sundae this Monday, little did we know that the next day we will get more news from home and change our tickets. Everything was hectic the next few days, but that day we just discussed some news, enjoyed each others company and made plans of traveling to Waiheke Island and Coromandel (esp. Cathedral Cove that appears in The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian), visiting Planetarium and shopping. Chocolate lounge Chocolate lounge Chocolate loungeOn the day of our travel we had to pack, end my tenancy and buy as much as possible from what we have planned. After the documents were sorted out, we went to have lunch at Theobroma.
Chocolate Caramel Mocha and Milk Chocolate Mocha recommended by Celeste. Sooo good… Chocolate Caramel Mocha and Milk Chocolate MochaBelgian Waffle was so fresh and chocolate in Chocolate Fruit Fondue was just a perfection Belgian Waffle and Chocolate Fruit FondueLingerie shopping. Quote poster in an interesting fitting room Poster at lingerie shop fitting roomBack home with more things to pack ShoppingWe received a couple of gifts while shopping. These are two of Swarovski crystal bracelets gifted by Bendon Lingerie with every 50$ spent in the store. Bracelet giftsWhen we were buying two Essie nail polishes, we got to choose a product from a range of Essie nail care as a gift as well. We got the Essie No Chips Ahead top coat Nail polishThe next day in HK, tired after the long flight, I don’t know how we managed to buy everything ordered by my sister, and more. We also got her some beautiful Birthday gifts =) Staying in my favorite hotel in the city, Novotel Citygate (mentioned in this post), we received HKD250 voucher for the night we stayed there. We looked for a place to spent it for quite some time. I missed the chance in couple of boutiques the shopping mall attached to the hotel, but to the end of the day we finally used it in Tommy Hilfiger shop.
View on hills from our room 812. I like the number =)
View from hotel roomThe next day flying back to the home country. On the new big B767 there were just 30 passengers, so we had plenty of space to sleep ;) In the airAnd soon at home. Snowfall SnowfallLove,


Travel back home for Holidays

My first flight was in the night, so I had a whole day ahead of me to rest, finish packing and get ready for 11 hours on a plane.

Some of my travel essentials: Travel essentials Travelling Scales to weigh baggage (to count overweight), Travel adapter Diane von Furstenberg (has four plugs for use in different countries), Boyfriend jeans 7 For All Mankind (comfortable and do not limit body movement), Ugg boots (warm and comfy), Cabin luggage American Tourister (compact and easy to carry)

Cute candy stockings in airport store Cute stockings Dinner at airport: hot chocolate and vegetable frittata. Banana was for the flight Late dinner Waiting for my hotel room to be ready at Starbucks after landing. Was so hungry, so I ordered steam milk, roasted vegetable salad, beef and pepper pie, and cinnamon danish. =) Breakfast Christmas decorations at the hotel Christmas decorations Christmas decorations View from the room View from hotel room Arriving home after another two flights. My whole family was waiting for me in the airport…
My family surprises Gift Toy balloons Toy balloons Toy balloons Love,


One year to AMoments

A year ago I started to write about some moments of my life, show what I see, and reflect my experience though photos and brief summaries. That helps me to store and remember some of the brightest moments of my everyday life. Let’s see some of the highlights and what I’ve been up to throughout the year:

Trips to HK. Living just across the bridge and having no need to apply for visa Hong Kong
pastriesCelebrating New Years Eve with my parents giftsFrequent trips back home IMAG1859 Wintertime Summer city End of studies in SZ University 17 Online shopping shopping Favorite tv series: El Clon, Victorious and Violetta.

Saying Goodbye to SZ Night view Residential complex Residential complex Peninsula Experiencing Auckland itinerary pinguins Auckland Auckland Pavlova cake AucklandI really enjoy having AMoments :)
With love,