Catching up

Following the previous post with a short story about the past two month here are photos I collected on my iPhone throughout this period of time.

random1. As my mom and I first arrived we often went to two shopping malls. In one of them I saw this Cinderella shoe inside a cinema. It’s so cute, isn’t it?
2. Great pastry from a great, but a little too expensive supermarket.
3. Our dining experience. I think my dad will love that meat mince in a pocket that looks like a steak.
4. Valentine’s Day spent with my love of my life, my mom. We got “Love is…” gums in a stationary boutique as complimentary gifts
samovarSamovar. Russian traditional boiler with hot water for tea. Took this pic at a dining place above (pic 3)
neighbourhoodMy local neighbourhood. It was snowing last week, so beautiful in the morning. For better views watch the two videos below:
Mountain Views
from homeI went home twice over this period of time. The first time at the end of February, and the second time I think two weeks later (somewhere around March 8)
1. Our dear Ficus tree, who’s name is Finik.
2. Second flight home.
3, 4. Before my flight back to Almaty my mom has arrived from Abu Dhabi. These are the litlle gifts from her and my sister. Love you!!!
streetlightsOn the way to the airport with my dad. I meant to take a pic of the city, but the focus thought otherwise, and here is a beautiful photo of melted snow on a car window.
crispy snowCrispy snow at home. I think I still can’t get enough of little winter wonders.
make upMy everyday make-up essentials. Everything I need for a natural looking make-up. Not much has changed since I posted my routine, I only added Giorgio Armani corrector.
dining1. Perfect healthy food: black rice, salmon and broccoli
2. Some vegetables and Russian-style sandwiches
3. Business lunch. In my homecountry it means a lunch comprising of a soup, salad, main dish and sometimes a dessert coming in an inexpensive price. I went to a place near my office, and really loved it. Although I must admit that this business lunch costs more than an average one.
4. My usual Saturday lunch now (?) Every weekend I go groceries shopping, so I get myself a cake or two as well.




Gifts from overseas

As I said in the previous post my mom is home now, and she brought some amazing gifts from her and my sister for us all. Big-big thanks to both of them!

Apart from visiting Abu Dhabi they also traveled to Seoul for one day. No visas required for us now to travel there, and my loves say I will fall in love with the city just as much as they already did :)
SweetsSweets from Abu Dhabi and Seoul and the gingerbread from Paris
Paris mugTraditional Starbucks mugs and a magnet from Paris as well
Cosmetics1. Korean and Japanese under-eye patches, gloves and socks to moisturize and nourish the skin.

2. THE BODY SHOP Moisture White Shiso Foaming Facial Wash,
LANCOME Mousse Eclat Express Clarifying Self-Foaming Cleanser (I think it’s from Paris, too),
LANCOME Tonique Confort Re-Hydrating Comforting Toner for Dry skin (from Abu Dhabi Duty Free),
KIEHL’S Ultra Facial Toner (from Seoul Duty Free),
TANGLE TEEZER Hairbrush (from Manchester),
THE BODY SHOP Vitamin E Lip Care SPF 15 (from Seoul),
Dr. Organic Tea Tree Lip Balm SPF 15
and some Japanese cotton pads.

3. SHISEIDO Aqualabel Facial Wash (from Japan),
LANCOME Genifique Yeux Eye Cream (from Abu Dhabi Duty Free),
KIEHL’S Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado,
LANCOME Hydra Zen Neurocalm Soothing Anti-Stress Moisturizing Cream for dry skin (from Abu Dhabi Duty Free),
ARGANTUS Pure Argan Oil,
HAND CHEMISTRY Hyaluronic Concentrate for hands and body,
NIVEA Creme from Japan

4. UNIQLO warm innerwear for winter



September Birthday and family time

I have written a couple of posts in September, but haven’t shared two of the most important events that happened last month.
La Mer giftThe end of September is always a cheerful time to celebrate because an incredible person, who, by some luck, happens to be my mom, was born that month. С прошедшим днем рождения, мама! Люблю тебя сильно-сильно!
KitKat icecreamAnother exciting event to mention here is that my sister took a holiday from work and flew back home for ten days to celebrate our mom’s birthday and spend some family time with us. Happy happy wonderful times! Miss you love! :-*



August must-have: new phone

iphoneAs I mentioned last month, my HTC One XL got broken, so I just needed to either fix it, or get a new phone. My mom and I even bought a new case for it, because I thought I just need to change the USB cable to charge it, and it will be alright.  Unfortunately, we were told that it needs a new LCD display, but no one could find a spare one, so I put the phone in a drawer with my previous old smartphone until better times for both of them. I am so attached to my things, and I love to have them with me for years, so when it comes to giving up on them, I just can’t. In the meantime as I got back home, I started using my dad’s smartphone.

The good thing is that, thanks to my dad once again, now I have a new iPhone 5S and I love it! My mom and I chose a white one with silver back. My parents found a store near my grandparents’ place where we also put a shock absorbing film on both sides and got a new soft cover for better protection. It might not be the prettiest, but it is practical :)

P.S. There are so many different phone films right now! I thought they are only either glossy, or matte.





New in: skin care, beauty products and comfort in everything

I just came home from the trip a week ago, so I wanted to feature some of the new buys. My mom and I did some shopping while staying in Abu Dhabi, but as of lately we focus more on beauty products rather than on clothes. For us (three girls in the family) skin care is so important, that we are always happy to research and discover new little treasures. This time my mom and I traveled to Dubai as well, so we got the chance to get to know the city better and find some brands like KIEHL’S that are not presented in the capital state. Also, my sister traveled to Japan last month, so she has brought many presents one of which is featured here as well. Skin care DR ORGANIC Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Day Cream caught our attention because it has argan oil in it. In fact, it consists of a number of oils, and is quite good. The only thing that I don’t really like is the smell. I think it doesn’t have any fragrances, so the scent is not the one of roses on a dreamy date night. However, soon it disappears and you forget about it.

My sister made me try LANCOME HYDRA ZEN NEUROCALM Soothing Anti-Stress Moisturizing Cream (for all skin or for dry skin) when she had a vacation a month ago. First I thought that it’s a usual cream, but once I arrived to Abu Dhabi and my skin turned extremely dehydrated and sensitive I began to highly appreciate its strong soothing, moisturizing and most importantly calming features of it. On my way back home I got myself one LANCOME HYDRA ZEN NEUROCALM Soothing Anti-Stress Moisturizing Cream in a Duty-Free, and my mom bought three more jars for my sister and me when she was leaving Abu Dhabi as well (we had different flights). As you can see, we are absolutely in love with it!

I wasn’t sure of KIEHL’S CREAMY EYE TRETMENT with Avocado when buying it because I actually wanted to buy KIEHL’S MIDNIGHT RECOVERY CONCENTRATE. I decided to try out its sample first, and get the basic eye cream, and have no regrets about that. I really like KIEHL’S CREAMY EYE TRETMENT with Avocado. The texture of is not as silky as I am used to, but the cream moisturizes greatly. After trying out the samples, I hope to get KIEHL’S MIDNIGHT RECOVERY CONCENTRATE later as well.

I always have some lip balm on my lips, so I thought why not try something new. DR ORGANIC Organic Vitamin E Lip Balm is perfect to use when going out because it comes in a stick and has SPF15. My sister and I still prefer COOLA with SPF30 (in this post), but it is hard to find in stores. Also, I recently discovered EVE LOM KISS MIX lip balm and decided to try it out. I love the texture of it, and even the minty feeling on lips does not bother me at all. I use it only at home, because I don’t want to put my fingers in it somewhere in the middle of a street. These both new lip balms are good switches with THE BODY SHOP Lip Balm with Vitamin E and SPF15 (in this post), which I still use, both outside and at home.

Drapey blue pants by COTTON ON. My friend from Auckland told me so many times to go to this store. I finally did during my first trip to Abu Dhabi, and got myself these light comfy pants. :)
Guerlain Ecrin 6 couleurs eyeshadows Make-upCLARINS Eclat Minute Radiance Boosting Complexion Base in 01 Rose is an alternative to my beloved CHANEL Anti-Pollution SPF 50 which I mentioned so many times. It doesn’t have sun protection, so it’s perfect for an evening/night time of a day. I chose it because it illuminates, protects from pollution and corrects a little bit. I have it in Rose colour because I always choose pink over yellow :) Just like CHANEL Anti-Pollution SPF 50, it is very light and sterling by itself, so it doesn’t have to be worn only as a base.

My mom also got herself a make-up base GUERLAIN Meteorites Perles High-Diffusing Perfecting Primer. It has the same features as the one by CLARINS, but seems to be even lighter and more moisturizing.

I went to purchase one GIORGIO ARMANI concealer, but it was way too light in coverage, so I ended up buying GIORGIO ARMANI High Precision Retouch Corrector in colour number 1 (again more of a pink tone, not yellow). This is my first concealer, and so far I am satisfied with it (even though I worn it once only).

My mom got me GUERLAIN Ecrin 6 couleurs eyeshadows in 93 Rue De Passy in a Duty-Free because she knew I wanted to have a palette of eyeshadows, and because she loved the design of the packaging :) I am in love with it too, even though we haven’t tried to wear any of the colours. It just seem to be so precious. These eyeshadows are very expensive, but we don’t wear make-up much (at all), so my mom and I hope we’ll  be using this palette for a long time.

BHS bikini top, H&M bikini bottoms and PAPAYA WEEKEND shorts are all from sales. I bought them because, for some reason (which I don’t remember), I didn’t bring any swimwear with me. The colours of the top and the bottom don’t exactly match, but it doesn’t really matter. I have matching blue bikini top for the bottom anyway :)

ACCESSORIZE hair bando from my previous trip in April-May.
Argan oil and Evian sprayAnd last, but not least are ARGANTUS pure argan oil and EVIAN facial spray. Argan oil is everything in skincare. It’s great for skin (both face and body) and hair. This one seems to be a little bit heavy for hair, but still feels lighter than other ones. The best ones for hair that my mom and I tried we bought back in Auckland. Those are not pure argan oils, but a mix of oils. Nevertheless, all of them are really good. I bought EVIAN facial spray right before my flight back home to refresh my face (and everything around it along the way) on the plane. I don’t think it’s highly necessary to have a face spray, but I enjoy the process of spraying itself :)

H&M sweatshirt is also from the sales. My sister has the same in black. I think it would be great as everyday comfort wear when it gets colder.

UNIQLO RELACO (RELAX&COMFORT) SHORTS are from Japan, brought to me by my lovely sister. She brings us something every time she gets to UNIQLO store :)



Summer travels

This post is going to be semi-themed because I didn’t post in a while and I want to catch up on everything major that was going on back in July. Also, unfortunately, my phone is broken these past few days, and I missed on taking photos of such amazing places that I want to go back once I get the chance.

The main event that took place almost a month ago was my sister’s travel back home. We were all so excited to have her with us in our apartment that feels so empty when she’s abroad. She brought a suitcase full of gifts for everyone and majorly lightened up the whole mood and atmosphere of home. My sister spent a week in our hometown and then my mom and her left for Abu Dhabi once again. Gifts I’m especially in love with these Swiss souvenirs! Swiss souvenirs La Cure Gourmande Tendresse de caramel La Cure Gourmande Tendresse de caramel Starbucks mugs Belgium Starbucks mug Nagoya Starbucks mug Burberry sun protection umbrellas from Japan (UV 100)UV 100 Burberry umbrellas One of the lunches spent together (my dad brought everything from a store) Salads and cakes I left for Abu Dhabi one day earlier because of the confusion with prices for the two airlines. But it’s all right, I love travelling with my favorite one. Very often, if you’re lucky, you can sit all by yourself and feel comfortable in economy class seat. Plus, this airline has the best plane food! I’ve already mentioned this company before in Fast Packing and Going Far Away posts.Up in the air Plane dinner All by myself Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi Corniche Right now we are still in Abu Dhabi. Sometimes we travel to explore Dubai, and that’s where I need to go back with a camera once I get the chance.


A part of our shopping haul

My parents and I spent in Abu Dhabi almost a month, so it’s quite natural that we came back home with our suitcases stuffed with new things. Some of them I am going to show in this post. Also, here are some of the many presents my sister brought from her travels to Chengdu (oh Uniqlo!) and Paris.

Our little collection of Starbucks mugs have grown, now also featuring Chengdu mug set and a notebook :) Starbucks mugs and notebookConfiture from Paris. I took this pic a week ago, before we finished the apricot one ;D Confiture Some cosmetics that we needed in order to refill our stock: 1. THE BODY SHOP Moisture White Shiso Foaming Facial Wash instead of The Body Shop Nutriganics Foaming Facial Wash (in this post) because they don’t have it stores; THE BODY SHOP Shea Butter & Sesame Oil Body Balm for hands (because one jar will be gone in a day if I use it for body); Argan Oil (we randomly chose these ones, but haven’t tried them yet); LANCASTER Sun For Kids UV50 and CHANEL Joues Contraste Powder Blush in 72 Rose Initial. CosmeticsNew cases: blue ones are from Women’s Secret and the hot pink one is from H&M. The dark blue one with stripes is great for keeping underwear and accessories when traveling. Light blue beauty case is so adorable and with stars, so I had to have it! In addition, it’s not expensive at all, and it was sold with a discount. The other one is a small everyday beauty case for having it with me in a bag. Travel casesMy new DELSEY suitcase in medium size from their Flaneur line. My previous one (which was only eight month old at that time) is damaged so I needed a new one. I think it got damaged in the city where we’ve been transiting a lot in the past year because before that we had no problems with our luggage at all. My mom’s suitcase is also damaged, so it’s not a one time instance. The good thing is that my all-time favorite airline compensated me almost the whole cost of the suitcase! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Choosing a new one we had a look at Samsonite (we like it, but prices are too high and we got two suitcases damaged, so No, thank you!), American Tourister (as much as we adore our cabin size ones, big ones seem to be a little weak), and finally chose DELSEY. We know the brand very well since we have two soft suitcases from 2010. At that time we did a little research and found it trustworthy. Not to mention that they offer discounts for their products ;D

And finally, inside of the suitcase are folded IKEA boxes, HEYS clothes packing bag, shoe cases from DAISO Japan, Accessories coin purse and FOREVER 21 Travel Size Lint Roller. Suitcase



Family travel so far

We are in Abu Dhabi for a week now and I finally have some time to share the pics of this amazing city that I captured so far. I just love being here right now with my family. It’s a great modern city with very kind people. The city The city The city The city
Of course the first places I checked were shopping malls. We are staying close to Al Wahda Mall, so we shop there day and night, but mostly at it’s supermarket Shopping Mall Shopping Mall
Beautiful traditional feeling at Starbucks in the Mall Table at Starbucks
View on coastline on the way to Marina Mall Coastline Coastline Coastline Coastline Coastline Coastline
Views from the Mall View from Shopping Mall View from Shopping Mall
Inside of a huge Marina Mall. I can  locate through it only with a map, haha :) Shopping Mall Shopping Mall Shopping Mall
My sister provided us with a heavy Entertainer 2014 voucher book. It features some companies that offer “Buy One Get One For Free” vouchers. I went through it and collected every food outlet and activity we may be interested in. Fuddruckers and Biella were the first two place where we used vouchers.

Aioli fish and Grilled Salmon from Fuddruckers Aioli fish and Grilled Salmon
View from Biella balcony on the mall ceiling and floor Inside a Shopping Mall At Biella
Osso Buco, Lasagna Bolognese, Filetto Di Cernia (hammour fillet with rosemary potato and tomatoes) and Filetto Di Pollo (baked chicken breast with mashed potatoes and tomato and herb sauce) At Biella
Most of all we are happy to be with our working girl. We missed her so much… And now we can share some moments with her again :D

We got a travel adapter for her travels from Victoria’s Secret Victoria's secret travel adapter
Ice-cream and raspberries while watching TV shows together Haagen Dazs
and sweets for the end of this post: cakes from Bloomsbury’s Cakes


Best Birthday Ever!..

Two days ago was my birthday. I planned to name this post “Birthday in the air”, but some plans just tend to change. It was THE BEST BIRTHDAY I had, that I remember at least. Not expecting much on days like this, I usually take them as regular ones, only with gifts, and don’t make a big deal out of them ;) But this time I had some amazing moments that I would love to share.

My day basically begun at 6 a.m. with packing and organizing my room. Then I decided to quickly go to a dentist and encountered not only snow that I saw from our apartment, but also a sunny spring day with a cold and fast wind. Fortunately, my dad offered to drive me. Snow, sun and wind in spring Then at noon we were invited by my grandmom to celebrate my birthday with family on my dad’s side. She always celebrates everyone’s birthdays and cooks our traditional meal and dumplings.

After some time we went straight to the airport to take our flight to Abu Dhabi. Because of the wind, it was pretty cold in the terminal… Untitled Took my sister’s bag for the trip and filled it with food (including a piece of cake and meat pancake that my mom and my dad bought me at the airport, and pirozhki from my grandmom). Full bag Economy class was not full and the cabin crew was very nice, so we enjoyed our flight. Forward and landscape view Also, I was touched when I got this sweet treat and Happy Birthday song from the two flight attendants. Tip: if it’s your birthday, just tell the crew ;) Birthday on board All afternoon I was wandering why my mom was telling me there are more surprises coming along… I told her I didn’t need any more surprises and that I am grateful for everything I had that day. And I thought the surprise would be a celebration dinner because my sister told me she would order something for herself :)

After landing in Abu Dhabi my sister checked our parents in a hotel and then we all headed to her room. She prepared a box full of different delicious cakes for me to try. See?.. I was right! Kind of… :) Cakes collection As I was happily taking photos of the box, my sister pulled out this beauty and made me speechless (and cry for a little while). I honestly did not expect any more gifts that day, and then comes this signature bag… Love my family so dearly!.. Birthday gift P.S. Sister’s reunited. Missed my little sweety! Untitled Love,


Back in January…

… my mom and my sister went to Abu Dhabi for a week. They took some pics to show me, which I would like to post here, too.

Ferrari world Ferrari world They also went to Dubai for a day, and basically spent it in a shopping centre, as we tend to do anywhere in the world :) Here’s a stunning fountain in Dubai Mall Fountain FountainAnd of course my beloved ones didn’t forget about their little girl staying far away at that moment. My mom and my sister brought some amazing gifts from their trip, which I finally received as arrived back home a month ago.

A box of dates3 4And Versace eyewear from Eye Boutique1 2Right now my sister is in Abu Dhabi being super busy. Hope to go and visit her with my mom and dad next month. Miss her very-very much…