December must-have: Warm pajamas

DSC_0018 It got cold about a month ago, so a change of sleepwear style had to be done to keep oneself warm throughout the night. My mom just came home from her trip visiting my sister where she bought us all some very cute Victoria’s Secret sleepwear at a newly opened store in Abu Dhabi. Another brand that has some adorable sleepwear (and underwear) is Women Secret. I also like to wear loose pajama pants that look like sweatpants, especially my Lovable ones that I got back in Auckland. And not to forget about our favorite mass market brand Uniqlo.

Victoria’s Secret pajamas for my mom and me




November must-have: Perfect boots for colder weather

Honestly, now I don’t understand why I was so afraid of autumn. Maybe its association with the start of studies throughout many-many years has something to do with my expectations. Apparently, it is not depressing at all, and there is something beautiful about this season. Just as spring, summer and winter something magical is going on during traditional autumn. All these colourful leaves that change their shade day by day and eventually fall creating  a carpet on the ground, unexpected colder weather and especially the sun appearing through mighty grey clouds feel so re-energizing and even inspiring. The photo below was taken a week ago, and today the city is covered in perfectly white snow. Autumn With such a change of seasons I am getting used to the change of my appropriate wardrobe of the season. Everything warmer is highly appreciated right now. Two weeks ago I attempted to wear my favorite Tom’s slip ons thinking that it’s still early for Ugg boots (which I actually wear since a month ago), but it was too cold for them already. Then my mom and I went online shopping and got ourselves a couple of new pairs of boots. Three of them have arrived yesterday, and I already worn the black pair below. I think they would be perfect for winter as well because they have a rubber sole. The only thing is that my mom and I bought bigger sizes than our normal ones, so all of the three pairs are a little big on feet, and we don’t want to send them back. However, it’s not the first time my shoes are big to me. As long as they are not smaller and don’t hurt the feet, we are okay :)


October must-have: preparing skin for winter months

for winter Suddenly it’s autumn! The weather here changes so quickly, which is normal, but I’m not used to it. For the last five years I did not experience a real autumn. First I lived in subtropics, where it’s probably still +30C. Then last year I was in Auckland at this time of the year. It was cold out there, but that is understandable because in September for New Zealand (and all the other countries in southern hemisphere) seasons transition from winter to spring in my understanding. So yes, it got cold in my hometown and getting even colder. We even had snow falling twice last week early in the mornings, but melting soon afterwards. It is even starting to smell like winter and sunlight seems cold, but bright, like in winter.

Just as nature prepares for colder times, I am preparing my skin for winter as well. When I went to my dermatocosmetologyst last week, we quickly agreed that we should start doing a light mesotherapy to fill my face with vitamins, just like in April. We’ll be doing it for about a month and a half, and I’ll be visiting her once a week or ten days instead of every two weeks. Last week I was applied vitamins A and C, and something else, but I don’t remember the name of the product.

Other than that, I am trying to use Clarisonic brush as often as possible, and nourishing my skin with my new favorite LANCOME Moisturizing Cream. Also, as the weather gets colder I am using hand cream more and more often. I used to apply it several times a day, but somehow I forgot about this habit of mine. Now I only remember to apply a cream only when I feel like my skin is breaking. One more thing to work on :)

Take care of your skin and only do what is suitable for you.

Knitwear WEEKEND Max Mara (my mom’s)


LANCOME HYDRA ZEN NEUROCALM Soothing Anti-Stress Moisturizing Cream

WELEDA BABY Calendula Oil


CHANEL LA NUIT DE CHANEL Evening Recharging Face Care

THE BODY SHOP Lip Balm with Vitamin E



September must-have: getting toned and enjoying zen moments

yoga matI decided to start working out this month. Just a little, nothing too overwhelming. And even though it is autumn here, meaning not a bikini season, in southern hemisphere it’s spring, so I hope this article would be helpful not only to myself.

The trainings that I chose to do can be found on YouTube. The first one is Victoria’s Secret Angel Butt Workout from XHIT Daily. It’s just what I want to work on right now. The other one is yoga with Tara Stiles called Routine for a Deep Sleep (but I do it at any time of the day). I already mentioned her yoga routines here, and I still love her videos. One of the reasons I like these workouts is that they can be done even if you don’t have a yoga mat. When in a hotel, they are perfect to be done in bed. First I do the butt workout, and after that stretching from the second video. It is so important to stretch after a workout, if you want your body system to stay healthy, and to look more like a ballerina. Also, I still love the breathing and scanning the body parts of yoga, and this is exactly when zen comes.

Note: when working out, always be careful and know your limits

Yoga mat and cover are from DECATHLON




August must-have: new phone

iphoneAs I mentioned last month, my HTC One XL got broken, so I just needed to either fix it, or get a new phone. My mom and I even bought a new case for it, because I thought I just need to change the USB cable to charge it, and it will be alright.  Unfortunately, we were told that it needs a new LCD display, but no one could find a spare one, so I put the phone in a drawer with my previous old smartphone until better times for both of them. I am so attached to my things, and I love to have them with me for years, so when it comes to giving up on them, I just can’t. In the meantime as I got back home, I started using my dad’s smartphone.

The good thing is that, thanks to my dad once again, now I have a new iPhone 5S and I love it! My mom and I chose a white one with silver back. My parents found a store near my grandparents’ place where we also put a shock absorbing film on both sides and got a new soft cover for better protection. It might not be the prettiest, but it is practical :)

P.S. There are so many different phone films right now! I thought they are only either glossy, or matte.





July must-have: anti-allergy bedding

pillowsI travel from time to time these couple of years, and it means that most of the time during my transit flights or on vacations I stay at hotels. Unfortunately, many of them do not provide special hypoallergenic pillows and duvets. I personally am allergic to many things, including feather or down filled bedding, and so is my sister. So few month ago she put away hotel duvet and pillows, and we got ourselves anti-allergy ones.

My mom used to send us bedding filled with layers of stretched silk cocoons. We even went for a tour for Silk Exhibition during our vacation in Sanya, Hainan province, China, and watched how they are being made. When we stayed in Shenzhen and right now at home we are using regular polyester filled bedding from IKEA ordered from Russia. (We would be happy if IKEA opened a store in our hometown)

King quilt DKNY

Big pillow and pillowcase IKEA

Smaller pillow is from the nearby hypermarket



June must-have: sun protection

Sun protection It is essential to protect our skin throughout the year, but especially during the summer. It is June, so my obvious choice of a must-have for this month is sun protection cosmetics. I think I don’t need to remind you of a bad impact sun has on health nowadays. While many dream about getting tanned skin, my mom, my sister and I don’t anymore (but I used to have the most tanned skin in high school after a few trips to Hainan). Thanks to women in China, for a couple of years now we consider it a damaging trend. Healthy skin is flawless, with an even natural color and no blemishes. That’s what we are striving for.

The girls in our family use beauty products with a high sun protection level throughout the year since we are not bounded to one city and travel a lot to warmer places. They help to prevent photoaging and pigmentation. CHANEL UV ESSENTIEL Anti-Pollution SPF50/PA+++ is our favorite one for face and neck, and I already mentioned it in New Cosmetic Products and Morning Cosmetic Routine posts. It has a light texture, does not clog pores and nicely mattes the skin. CHANEL UV ESSENTIEL is pricey, but one bottle lasts for more or less two month. (Tip: the best prices on Chanel are in Hong Kong ;)) The main factors we choose this product are high sun protection level, anti-pollution feature and no allergic reaction on my skin.

LANCASTER Sun For Kids UV50 is new for us, but we like it already. It doesn’t melt on skin under the sun and heat like many others do and has a nice texture as well. We usually choose body UV protection products for kids because they are more gentle and a little bit cheaper than the ones for adults.

Other than special sun protection cosmetics it is recommended to buy any of the beauty products with SPF/UV protection.

P.S. See other alternatives for different types of budget from a trustful resource and my favorite magazine, Allure Russia.



May must-have: a hat

Hats Being here in Abu Dhabi, where the temperature varies from 35 degree up to 45 degree (so far during my stay), I am happy I have a couple of hats with me. Sometimes I notice that sunglasses are not as helpful in an uncompromising heat as hats are. They protect heads from sunstroke as well as from an undesirable tan (for me personally).

My favorite hat is a dark blue one. It is not a glamorous one, nor it is expensive at all. My sister and I got the same ones last year from our favorite Uniqlo. The hat has a protection of UV50 (!), made of cotton, meaning breathable, easy to wash and fold, and is very simple.

The other one is new from ZARA. I ran across it on the ZARA website while I was still back home, and then found it in their Abu Dhabi boutique. It’s quite big and sits comfortably on my head. I’m not sure it has UV protection, but in this case any hat is better than none at all. What I love about it, is that it’s in a light colour, yet suitable for cold weather thanks to a warmed inner shell. In addition, this hat is hand made, so no unnecessary thread lines are presented at all.

Hope someone will find it helpful and will be inspired by this post.



April must-have: vitamins

It’s not a secret that after the winter period people from most of the parts of the world are in desperate need of vitamins. Whether we realize it or not, studies show that we are. My advice is to think if you provide enough vitamins to yourself. Food Throughout the winter some countries lack fresh, juicy fruits and vegetables. My hometown in particular does not produce any, we are more known for our grain and meat, so we rely on import from other places. However, in April stores start to fill up with beautiful, colourful variety of products (just use search engines to find out more about nutritional value of each one). They are out there, so all is left is to take advantage of this opportunity and let your body thank you later. Note, that one cucumber, or one apple a day do not count as a daily norm. Do not lie to your body, be respectful.

Other than that, we should not underestimate the power of cosmetology. I’m not talking about implants here and there (for now at least ;)). Modern cosmetology provides a variety of vitamins taking care of your face and body. My choice of the month is a light mesotherapy to make my skin glowing and healthy. It’s light because it’s not being injected inside your skin, just applied on the surface. My dermatocosmetologyst mixes a couple of vitamins together and then applies it with a needle onto my face. Sometimes she tells me what vitamins she mixed, sometimes not, but I don’t really care as long as it’s a trustworthy clinic and specialist.

P.S. Make sure you have enough vitamins no matter of the time of the year. It’s hardly possible to have too much, but it’s likely not to.



New category: Monthly must-haves

Yesterday I came up with an idea for my blog. From now on my monthly must-haves will be discussed and shared in a new category. I will try to keep them short and simple, not going into much scientific details and long philosophical oratory. April must-have post is coming up today. I know it is the end of the month, but still hope many will find it helpful.