Weekend Trip Video

Last week I went to Abu Dhabi to spend there the weekend with my mom and my sister. My journey started on Thursday, when I had an evening flight. I had only two full days there, Friday and Saturday, and on Sunday I was on my way back to Almaty. I love this kind of trips, which cannot be called normal vacations, but rather getaways for a change of scenery. I wish I could travel every other week… Something makes me really happy on my trips. I just keep smiling and feeling great!  Is it visiting new places or traveling with my beloved ones… or just both :)

For some reason the quality of the video is actually better on my computer, so I do suggest watching in 1080p.




Travelling around the world: Traveller pics April-June

I am still catching up with the posts that should’ve been published last year. Here’s another edition of Travelling Around the World pics from April-June 2015. Lots of Moscow will be seen here… It became one of our (the traveler’s and mine) favorite cities. I will be talking about it more later on.

Once again, big thanks for a big amount of pictures to my lovely traveler

Moscow, Russia
Moscow MoscowMoscowMoscowMoscowMoscowMoscowBangkok, Thailand
Bangkok Abu Dhabi, UAE Abu DhabiAbu DhabiAbu DhabiAbu DhabiAbu DhabiMoscow, Russia
Moscow MoscowMoscowMoscowMoscowMoscowMoscowMoscowMoscowMoscowMinsk,Belarus
Minsk Munich, Germany MunichMunichMunichMunichMunichMunichMunichBelgrade, Serbia
Belgrade BelgradeBelgradeBelgradeBelgradeBelgradeBelgradeBelgradeBelgradeBelgrade Shanghai, China
Shanghai ShanghaiShanghaiShanghaiShanghaiMore posts to come soon ;)



I am back home

Hi!.. I know, it’s been so long… I feel bad about not updating…  Well, finally I am writing, and I missed it so much! Right now I am on a plane flying home. I guess now that I am officially in the company, and have a huge discount on tickets, I will be flying quite frequently. Plus, it’s so convenient to update the blog :)

Not much changes took place in recent months. I am still living at the same place, which I like. My parents visit me every now and then, and from last week on I travel to visit them, too.

It was my birthday on 26th of April, more than a month ago now! My mom was already in Almaty at that time, and my dad came to spend the weekend with us, too. I have the best parents ever! I hope they know I realize it :)

So, yeah… What else? I am full of hope. Always.



New job, new place

Hello from Almaty!

I cannot believe I haven’t written anything for two month! I missed it so so much…  A lot has changed since my last post, so I have many things to write about, but still don’t want it to be too long.

It all started a year ago when I started looking for a new job. I applied for a lot of positions within many companies, and for quite some time now I stopped expecting response for the applications because on one hand I didn’t want to feel dissapointed, and on another I have dreams of my own that I still dream of. So one January morning I finally received a call and was invited for a job interview through Skype (because I am from another city). Then shortly after it they invited me to an actual interview and provided with tickets to and from Almaty. After two tests (English and numerical) and a short talk with a manager and vice president of a company I got accepted for a job position I applied earlier this year. Thanks to the support of my parents and my sister I decided to move to Almaty for this job. So now I am in another city once again. This time is a little bit different from the past because I used to move abroad for studies, and not to another city in my homecountry.

mountainsresidential complex My mom and I came here a month ago and in two intense days found an apartment to rent. It is a new residential complex as usual, and the apartment is nice. Hopefully, some kind of supermarket will open in a nearby buildings soon.

My mom is currently visiting my sister in Abu Dhabi and then returning in a week. Next week is also 8 March, and we have three days off, so I am thinking of going home for the short holidays. Short trip to be with my family and work on a little project I could not start doing before.



September must-have: getting toned and enjoying zen moments

yoga matI decided to start working out this month. Just a little, nothing too overwhelming. And even though it is autumn here, meaning not a bikini season, in southern hemisphere it’s spring, so I hope this article would be helpful not only to myself.

The trainings that I chose to do can be found on YouTube. The first one is Victoria’s Secret Angel Butt Workout from XHIT Daily. It’s just what I want to work on right now. The other one is yoga with Tara Stiles called Routine for a Deep Sleep (but I do it at any time of the day). I already mentioned her yoga routines here, and I still love her videos. One of the reasons I like these workouts is that they can be done even if you don’t have a yoga mat. When in a hotel, they are perfect to be done in bed. First I do the butt workout, and after that stretching from the second video. It is so important to stretch after a workout, if you want your body system to stay healthy, and to look more like a ballerina. Also, I still love the breathing and scanning the body parts of yoga, and this is exactly when zen comes.

Note: when working out, always be careful and know your limits

Yoga mat and cover are from DECATHLON




July must-have: anti-allergy bedding

pillowsI travel from time to time these couple of years, and it means that most of the time during my transit flights or on vacations I stay at hotels. Unfortunately, many of them do not provide special hypoallergenic pillows and duvets. I personally am allergic to many things, including feather or down filled bedding, and so is my sister. So few month ago she put away hotel duvet and pillows, and we got ourselves anti-allergy ones.

My mom used to send us bedding filled with layers of stretched silk cocoons. We even went for a tour for Silk Exhibition during our vacation in Sanya, Hainan province, China, and watched how they are being made. When we stayed in Shenzhen and right now at home we are using regular polyester filled bedding from IKEA ordered from Russia. (We would be happy if IKEA opened a store in our hometown)

King quilt DKNY

Big pillow and pillowcase IKEA

Smaller pillow is from the nearby hypermarket



Safari adventures

I had about 600 photos to choose from, and it finally came up to 25. The safari my parents and I chose was so much fun! And totally not what we expected… Once again, I found this particular company in Entertainer voucher book, so we paid for two of us, and one ticket was for free. Told you, I love great deals and sales :D Safari Safari Safari
The camp is about an hour and a half away from Abu Dhabi. A bus picks everyone up at the nearby shopping mall, so it’s convenient for us. In a bus the tour guide asked us if we will be doing the dune bashing. We agreed and thought: “Of course we will, it’s just a ride, we’ll take a look at dunes…”. An noooo… how naive we were… We were the first group to take one of the two Land Cruisers and go into the middle of the dunes. And there it started! Unexpected roller coaster, except for if a car falls on the side, I don’t know what happens… Thank God it didn’t happen to us! Our driver was quite gentle with the four girls in his car. Safari Safari Safari
In the middle of the dunes. Breathtaking!.. Safari
And going back to the camp to ride a horse and a camel Safari Safari Safari Camels Horses
The safari adventure was not over on that. Others also enjoyed sand boarding and kid’s play area, visited goat ranch, did henna tattoo and took photos in beautiful traditional dresses. Moreover, for additional charge we did a ride on quad bikes. I was bored and tired of it pretty soon, but my dad and everyone else loved it. Then we took a couple of pics with a cute falcon. Staff takes a good care of him :)  Later, on sunset they did a falcon show.
Next, we had a dinner with many dishes to choose from. The company did a great job at this matter, especially with complimentary drinks available in a fridge throughout the whole day. Safari camp dinner
And finally, watching a short film about UAE around a camp fire before going back home. Some people chose to stay for the night though, but we did only a half day safari. Safari camp Safari camp Camp fire



Inner peace

I tend to not put anything too personal here, but to be honest, I feel kind of trapped and miserable when I’m back home. I know there is no strong reason for me to feel so, but I always do. I’m much more comfortable staying abroad. However, I guess I should learn to deal with it, or turn it off, as I usually do. I’m already back home for more than a month, which is the longest in the past few years. Studies in foreign countries are over, hence I just need to switch my feelings now, so that later I won’t have the exact same thoughts :)

I’ve noticed that recently many people are kind of getting into deep thoughts. Well, as I write this post I realize that so do I. While searching the internet I see many people with different outlooks who feel stuck . We are all capable of doing GREAT things, but something always stays in a way… or at least we think so (!).

Every day I try to prove that it’s possible to change your feelings to better. Even if slowly, step by step, by pushing yourself to find your inner peace. Some people start with inspirational posts, pics and blogs. Small things like cleaning or cooking, socializing and most importantly taking care of others and of yourself push even further, and then everything will just go with a flow.

If someone is reading this right now, I just want to remind once more that you are amazing, and you should not hide it deep inside yourself. Be happy and make others happy!

And for now, let’s share this Turkish delight (Rahat Lokum). Thank you Mom! <3 Turkish delight Love,