December must-have: Warm pajamas

DSC_0018 It got cold about a month ago, so a change of sleepwear style had to be done to keep oneself warm throughout the night. My mom just came home from her trip visiting my sister where she bought us all some very cute Victoria’s Secret sleepwear at a newly opened store in Abu Dhabi. Another brand that has some adorable sleepwear (and underwear) is Women Secret. I also like to wear loose pajama pants that look like sweatpants, especially my Lovable ones that I got back in Auckland. And not to forget about our favorite mass market brand Uniqlo.

Victoria’s Secret pajamas for my mom and me




November must-have: Perfect boots for colder weather

Honestly, now I don’t understand why I was so afraid of autumn. Maybe its association with the start of studies throughout many-many years has something to do with my expectations. Apparently, it is not depressing at all, and there is something beautiful about this season. Just as spring, summer and winter something magical is going on during traditional autumn. All these colourful leaves that change their shade day by day and eventually fall creating  a carpet on the ground, unexpected colder weather and especially the sun appearing through mighty grey clouds feel so re-energizing and even inspiring. The photo below was taken a week ago, and today the city is covered in perfectly white snow. Autumn With such a change of seasons I am getting used to the change of my appropriate wardrobe of the season. Everything warmer is highly appreciated right now. Two weeks ago I attempted to wear my favorite Tom’s slip ons thinking that it’s still early for Ugg boots (which I actually wear since a month ago), but it was too cold for them already. Then my mom and I went online shopping and got ourselves a couple of new pairs of boots. Three of them have arrived yesterday, and I already worn the black pair below. I think they would be perfect for winter as well because they have a rubber sole. The only thing is that my mom and I bought bigger sizes than our normal ones, so all of the three pairs are a little big on feet, and we don’t want to send them back. However, it’s not the first time my shoes are big to me. As long as they are not smaller and don’t hurt the feet, we are okay :)


New in: skin care, beauty products and comfort in everything

I just came home from the trip a week ago, so I wanted to feature some of the new buys. My mom and I did some shopping while staying in Abu Dhabi, but as of lately we focus more on beauty products rather than on clothes. For us (three girls in the family) skin care is so important, that we are always happy to research and discover new little treasures. This time my mom and I traveled to Dubai as well, so we got the chance to get to know the city better and find some brands like KIEHL’S that are not presented in the capital state. Also, my sister traveled to Japan last month, so she has brought many presents one of which is featured here as well. Skin care DR ORGANIC Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Day Cream caught our attention because it has argan oil in it. In fact, it consists of a number of oils, and is quite good. The only thing that I don’t really like is the smell. I think it doesn’t have any fragrances, so the scent is not the one of roses on a dreamy date night. However, soon it disappears and you forget about it.

My sister made me try LANCOME HYDRA ZEN NEUROCALM Soothing Anti-Stress Moisturizing Cream (for all skin or for dry skin) when she had a vacation a month ago. First I thought that it’s a usual cream, but once I arrived to Abu Dhabi and my skin turned extremely dehydrated and sensitive I began to highly appreciate its strong soothing, moisturizing and most importantly calming features of it. On my way back home I got myself one LANCOME HYDRA ZEN NEUROCALM Soothing Anti-Stress Moisturizing Cream in a Duty-Free, and my mom bought three more jars for my sister and me when she was leaving Abu Dhabi as well (we had different flights). As you can see, we are absolutely in love with it!

I wasn’t sure of KIEHL’S CREAMY EYE TRETMENT with Avocado when buying it because I actually wanted to buy KIEHL’S MIDNIGHT RECOVERY CONCENTRATE. I decided to try out its sample first, and get the basic eye cream, and have no regrets about that. I really like KIEHL’S CREAMY EYE TRETMENT with Avocado. The texture of is not as silky as I am used to, but the cream moisturizes greatly. After trying out the samples, I hope to get KIEHL’S MIDNIGHT RECOVERY CONCENTRATE later as well.

I always have some lip balm on my lips, so I thought why not try something new. DR ORGANIC Organic Vitamin E Lip Balm is perfect to use when going out because it comes in a stick and has SPF15. My sister and I still prefer COOLA with SPF30 (in this post), but it is hard to find in stores. Also, I recently discovered EVE LOM KISS MIX lip balm and decided to try it out. I love the texture of it, and even the minty feeling on lips does not bother me at all. I use it only at home, because I don’t want to put my fingers in it somewhere in the middle of a street. These both new lip balms are good switches with THE BODY SHOP Lip Balm with Vitamin E and SPF15 (in this post), which I still use, both outside and at home.

Drapey blue pants by COTTON ON. My friend from Auckland told me so many times to go to this store. I finally did during my first trip to Abu Dhabi, and got myself these light comfy pants. :)
Guerlain Ecrin 6 couleurs eyeshadows Make-upCLARINS Eclat Minute Radiance Boosting Complexion Base in 01 Rose is an alternative to my beloved CHANEL Anti-Pollution SPF 50 which I mentioned so many times. It doesn’t have sun protection, so it’s perfect for an evening/night time of a day. I chose it because it illuminates, protects from pollution and corrects a little bit. I have it in Rose colour because I always choose pink over yellow :) Just like CHANEL Anti-Pollution SPF 50, it is very light and sterling by itself, so it doesn’t have to be worn only as a base.

My mom also got herself a make-up base GUERLAIN Meteorites Perles High-Diffusing Perfecting Primer. It has the same features as the one by CLARINS, but seems to be even lighter and more moisturizing.

I went to purchase one GIORGIO ARMANI concealer, but it was way too light in coverage, so I ended up buying GIORGIO ARMANI High Precision Retouch Corrector in colour number 1 (again more of a pink tone, not yellow). This is my first concealer, and so far I am satisfied with it (even though I worn it once only).

My mom got me GUERLAIN Ecrin 6 couleurs eyeshadows in 93 Rue De Passy in a Duty-Free because she knew I wanted to have a palette of eyeshadows, and because she loved the design of the packaging :) I am in love with it too, even though we haven’t tried to wear any of the colours. It just seem to be so precious. These eyeshadows are very expensive, but we don’t wear make-up much (at all), so my mom and I hope we’ll  be using this palette for a long time.

BHS bikini top, H&M bikini bottoms and PAPAYA WEEKEND shorts are all from sales. I bought them because, for some reason (which I don’t remember), I didn’t bring any swimwear with me. The colours of the top and the bottom don’t exactly match, but it doesn’t really matter. I have matching blue bikini top for the bottom anyway :)

ACCESSORIZE hair bando from my previous trip in April-May.
Argan oil and Evian sprayAnd last, but not least are ARGANTUS pure argan oil and EVIAN facial spray. Argan oil is everything in skincare. It’s great for skin (both face and body) and hair. This one seems to be a little bit heavy for hair, but still feels lighter than other ones. The best ones for hair that my mom and I tried we bought back in Auckland. Those are not pure argan oils, but a mix of oils. Nevertheless, all of them are really good. I bought EVIAN facial spray right before my flight back home to refresh my face (and everything around it along the way) on the plane. I don’t think it’s highly necessary to have a face spray, but I enjoy the process of spraying itself :)

H&M sweatshirt is also from the sales. My sister has the same in black. I think it would be great as everyday comfort wear when it gets colder.

UNIQLO RELACO (RELAX&COMFORT) SHORTS are from Japan, brought to me by my lovely sister. She brings us something every time she gets to UNIQLO store :)




Last Tuesday was my sister’s graduation, and my parents and I proudly went to attend it. With no surprise at all did we find out that everyone respects her and is inspired by our young lady!



New little, but so enjoyable things

I am currently trying to figure out what to do with my career. One of the options in the aviation industry made me buy these amazing items. I never thought I will ever be wearing a red lipstick and watches like this (I used to have watches like these  back when I was a child and I really loved them), but, it turned out both suit me perfectly =) I guess my struggle with my career at least brings some new/old discoveries to me. Lipstick Chanel Rouge Allure (102 Palpitante),  watches Calvin Klein (both bought in HK) Loafers ZARA loafers for everyday at school (bought on sale while in Ast) Online shopping MiH Jeans cotton-jersey top (in love with the stars) and FALKE striggings knee socks (from my online shopping at net-a-porter).

I can’t find my path, yet. I really enjoy my hobby of writing about the beauties I encounter, but that’s as far as I can get now. We’ll see what the future will bring <3



Travel back home for Holidays

My first flight was in the night, so I had a whole day ahead of me to rest, finish packing and get ready for 11 hours on a plane.

Some of my travel essentials: Travel essentials Travelling Scales to weigh baggage (to count overweight), Travel adapter Diane von Furstenberg (has four plugs for use in different countries), Boyfriend jeans 7 For All Mankind (comfortable and do not limit body movement), Ugg boots (warm and comfy), Cabin luggage American Tourister (compact and easy to carry)

Cute candy stockings in airport store Cute stockings Dinner at airport: hot chocolate and vegetable frittata. Banana was for the flight Late dinner Waiting for my hotel room to be ready at Starbucks after landing. Was so hungry, so I ordered steam milk, roasted vegetable salad, beef and pepper pie, and cinnamon danish. =) Breakfast Christmas decorations at the hotel Christmas decorations Christmas decorations View from the room View from hotel room Arriving home after another two flights. My whole family was waiting for me in the airport…
My family surprises Gift Toy balloons Toy balloons Toy balloons Love,


Online shopping magic boxes

I was about to leave SZ when my first order from has arrived. It was a sleeveless Iris & Ink blouse carefully wrapped in a paper, and a gifted shopping bag. Online shopping Ever since I arrived to Auckland my mom, my sister and I order from the international website that delivers all the way from UK. They, just like YOOX, combine my two favorite features of shopping: online and designer items with discount.

Some of the order boxes: Online shopping Online shopping Online shopping Waiting for another one to arrive in a couple of days ;)

With love,


Senior thesis, HK and a gift

Now we can relax more, so I’m finally enjoying watching movies or TV shows any time I want to. Watching a TV show Watching a movie Last Friday was our senior thesis defense.
Here’s what we wore: blouses D&G, jeans H&M and Levi’s, loafers Mark by Mark Jacobs. BlousesJeans and loafers On Sunday my mom and I went to HK because we ran out of some cosmetics. We brought pastries for my sister from Little Marmaid, Eric Kayser and Laduree.Bakery Macaroons Here are two products that we use, but I haven’t shown yet. Our all time favorites Chanel Le Blanc foam cleanser and The Body Shop Nutriganics foaming facial wash. We use them for a couple of years, and haven’t found anything better. Foam cleansers Birthday gift My old computer is falling apart, but I love it so much, so I continue to use it. Also, I got Macbook Air as my birthday gift. Love it. Thank you for the gift =)


Little things

Everything is kind of grey right now. Even the sun does not show up at all lately.  But some little things are capable of adding brightness  a bit =) On the table Getting ready for summer. This pair has arrived this morning. Ordered from YOOX again. Loafers Love,