Travelling around the world: Traveller pics October-December

New edition of pics from around the world to wrap up travels of this year. Special thanks to an amazing person who took the photos!


Paris, France Paris Paris Paris Paris ParisMelbourne, Australia Melbourne MelbourneNagoya, Japan holidaysMinsk, Belarus travel travel travelSeoul, South Korea SeoulLove,



Gifts from overseas

As I said in the previous post my mom is home now, and she brought some amazing gifts from her and my sister for us all. Big-big thanks to both of them!

Apart from visiting Abu Dhabi they also traveled to Seoul for one day. No visas required for us now to travel there, and my loves say I will fall in love with the city just as much as they already did :)
SweetsSweets from Abu Dhabi and Seoul and the gingerbread from Paris
Paris mugTraditional Starbucks mugs and a magnet from Paris as well
Cosmetics1. Korean and Japanese under-eye patches, gloves and socks to moisturize and nourish the skin.

2. THE BODY SHOP Moisture White Shiso Foaming Facial Wash,
LANCOME Mousse Eclat Express Clarifying Self-Foaming Cleanser (I think it’s from Paris, too),
LANCOME Tonique Confort Re-Hydrating Comforting Toner for Dry skin (from Abu Dhabi Duty Free),
KIEHL’S Ultra Facial Toner (from Seoul Duty Free),
TANGLE TEEZER Hairbrush (from Manchester),
THE BODY SHOP Vitamin E Lip Care SPF 15 (from Seoul),
Dr. Organic Tea Tree Lip Balm SPF 15
and some Japanese cotton pads.

3. SHISEIDO Aqualabel Facial Wash (from Japan),
LANCOME Genifique Yeux Eye Cream (from Abu Dhabi Duty Free),
KIEHL’S Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado,
LANCOME Hydra Zen Neurocalm Soothing Anti-Stress Moisturizing Cream for dry skin (from Abu Dhabi Duty Free),
ARGANTUS Pure Argan Oil,
HAND CHEMISTRY Hyaluronic Concentrate for hands and body,
NIVEA Creme from Japan

4. UNIQLO warm innerwear for winter



December must-have: Warm pajamas

DSC_0018 It got cold about a month ago, so a change of sleepwear style had to be done to keep oneself warm throughout the night. My mom just came home from her trip visiting my sister where she bought us all some very cute Victoria’s Secret sleepwear at a newly opened store in Abu Dhabi. Another brand that has some adorable sleepwear (and underwear) is Women Secret. I also like to wear loose pajama pants that look like sweatpants, especially my Lovable ones that I got back in Auckland. And not to forget about our favorite mass market brand Uniqlo.

Victoria’s Secret pajamas for my mom and me



Two years anniversary to AMoments

Two days ago was a two years anniversary to AMoments. I remembered to post about it before, but I just missed the date, as it often happens. I still love having this website and I am even coming up with new creative ideas to expand my hobbies. AMoments stores most of the best experiences my family and I go through, and, just like last time, here’s another brief summary of what we’ve been up to for this past year.

Enjoying summer in New Zealand, and then traveling through half a world (or a little less) to winter to be with my family on winter holidays. travelWarm welcome at home and New Year’s Eve celebration.Wintertime Experiencing Auckland together with my mom. Such a precious time. Auckland dining in AucklandAlso having a quick trip to Wellington with the best possible classmates ever .Wellington Taking home a traditional souvenir Auckland New Zealand mugs Returning back home 8 Visiting my sister. (Shortly after I came back, she left for work)9 Having family trips to Abu Dhabi and Dubai travel My sister’s visits home and our parents’ birthdays giftsExperiencing all four seasons this year. Not much of a real spring though, but looking forward for the upcoming year. SeasonsThree new categories, and more to come :)


Online shopping experience back at home

Recently, in about one month I shopped online in three different stores. It’s not my fault I cannot find what I want in the city :) Truth be told, I also prefer to look through the lists of products, compare them and find something new from home at any time of the day, with no pressure and impatient people around. I have had online shopping experience both when I lived in China and in New Zealand, so now it’s turn to shop from my own homecountry.

My first order came from Shopbop, the store I’ve known for years, but haven’t had the need to shop at. However, when I found what I was looking for for month I just registered and got myself these two pairs of delicate earrings. The delivery is quick and free worldwide, and the company seem to put some extra effort in packaging. My order came in a few plastic bags, a bubble wrap and each pair of earrings was put into a signature Shopbop jewellery box. IMG_0287 In one of the previous posts I already mentioned that my mom and I got ourselves a few pairs of new boots. We ordered them from THE OUTNET. Felt just like the old times (even though it’s only been one year :)) boots boxesThe third order came from iHerb, a popular website with a wide range of natural health products. With the first buy we got 10$ off + 5% discount because the order is over 60$. We got ourselves some Noni juice, salmon oil, argan oil and one of my favorite eye creams for my sister.IMG_0240The good thing is that as if now we don’t need to pay import taxes and duties if the total amount per month doesn’t exceed 1000, but we need to pay about 8-10$ for each order delivered (at least via DHL). It’s interesting and feels so good when the prices on THE OUTNET website change once we choose our homecountry :)

So yes, online shopping is only scary in the beginning, and then you just need to know when to stop.

Happy shopping! :)



November Birthday and some father daughter time

Earlier this month our family celebrated my dad’s birthday! Below is the gift that we prepared for him. We spent a month thinking about it and a couple of days actually buying it. Not all the specializing shops have MacBooks in stock, and my mom and I wanted to find an unpacked one, so that was added up to our searching criteria. We actually got this one in the store right in our residential complex. It was so, so convenient because we finally (for second time) went for it right in the morning of my dad’s birthday. Just in time before he came home for lunch :)
С прошедшим днем рождения, папа! Мы тебя любим! giftRight now my mom is visiting my sister, and my dad and I are left to look after each other at home. I did a short city tour video on our way home from the airport last week, and I am hoping it will be working here. If not, it is posted on my Istagram in three parts. Sorry for the watermark, I created it in the app in my phone. And here’s more. Some of the pastry my dad bought for me the other day: syrniky (cheesecakes? kind of?), poppy seed danish and cinnamon danish, and pirozhki (pies) with smoked meat, mashed potato and pickles. I know, the filling of pirozhki sounds strange,  but surprisingly it actually tastes good :) Pastry Love,


November must-have: Perfect boots for colder weather

Honestly, now I don’t understand why I was so afraid of autumn. Maybe its association with the start of studies throughout many-many years has something to do with my expectations. Apparently, it is not depressing at all, and there is something beautiful about this season. Just as spring, summer and winter something magical is going on during traditional autumn. All these colourful leaves that change their shade day by day and eventually fall creating  a carpet on the ground, unexpected colder weather and especially the sun appearing through mighty grey clouds feel so re-energizing and even inspiring. The photo below was taken a week ago, and today the city is covered in perfectly white snow. Autumn With such a change of seasons I am getting used to the change of my appropriate wardrobe of the season. Everything warmer is highly appreciated right now. Two weeks ago I attempted to wear my favorite Tom’s slip ons thinking that it’s still early for Ugg boots (which I actually wear since a month ago), but it was too cold for them already. Then my mom and I went online shopping and got ourselves a couple of new pairs of boots. Three of them have arrived yesterday, and I already worn the black pair below. I think they would be perfect for winter as well because they have a rubber sole. The only thing is that my mom and I bought bigger sizes than our normal ones, so all of the three pairs are a little big on feet, and we don’t want to send them back. However, it’s not the first time my shoes are big to me. As long as they are not smaller and don’t hurt the feet, we are okay :)


September Birthday and family time

I have written a couple of posts in September, but haven’t shared two of the most important events that happened last month.
La Mer giftThe end of September is always a cheerful time to celebrate because an incredible person, who, by some luck, happens to be my mom, was born that month. С прошедшим днем рождения, мама! Люблю тебя сильно-сильно!
KitKat icecreamAnother exciting event to mention here is that my sister took a holiday from work and flew back home for ten days to celebrate our mom’s birthday and spend some family time with us. Happy happy wonderful times! Miss you love! :-*



October must-have: preparing skin for winter months

for winter Suddenly it’s autumn! The weather here changes so quickly, which is normal, but I’m not used to it. For the last five years I did not experience a real autumn. First I lived in subtropics, where it’s probably still +30C. Then last year I was in Auckland at this time of the year. It was cold out there, but that is understandable because in September for New Zealand (and all the other countries in southern hemisphere) seasons transition from winter to spring in my understanding. So yes, it got cold in my hometown and getting even colder. We even had snow falling twice last week early in the mornings, but melting soon afterwards. It is even starting to smell like winter and sunlight seems cold, but bright, like in winter.

Just as nature prepares for colder times, I am preparing my skin for winter as well. When I went to my dermatocosmetologyst last week, we quickly agreed that we should start doing a light mesotherapy to fill my face with vitamins, just like in April. We’ll be doing it for about a month and a half, and I’ll be visiting her once a week or ten days instead of every two weeks. Last week I was applied vitamins A and C, and something else, but I don’t remember the name of the product.

Other than that, I am trying to use Clarisonic brush as often as possible, and nourishing my skin with my new favorite LANCOME Moisturizing Cream. Also, as the weather gets colder I am using hand cream more and more often. I used to apply it several times a day, but somehow I forgot about this habit of mine. Now I only remember to apply a cream only when I feel like my skin is breaking. One more thing to work on :)

Take care of your skin and only do what is suitable for you.

Knitwear WEEKEND Max Mara (my mom’s)


LANCOME HYDRA ZEN NEUROCALM Soothing Anti-Stress Moisturizing Cream

WELEDA BABY Calendula Oil


CHANEL LA NUIT DE CHANEL Evening Recharging Face Care

THE BODY SHOP Lip Balm with Vitamin E